15 Sep HONDA SERVICE PDF – I am then told that there is a technical service bulletin about this situation, that Honda was aware of this. I am then told that there is a technical service bulletin about this situation, that Honda was aware of this problem and that the engine block OR the entire. 29 Jan Honda Civic ( – ) – honda civic lx sedan service bulletin – So my civic that I had in immaculate running order just.

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Subreddits you may also enjoy: Gasket Kit, Cylinder Head. If the crack is not clearly visible, highlight the crack and its location with a penetrant inspection developer Met-LCheck, D70, or other commercially available developer.

Send a private message to 97emsedan. So far American Honda has said that all the repair cost is on me and offered no help. Originally Posted by dpetro1.

Warranty Extension: Engine Block – 2006-2009 Honda Civic

Honda submitted 2 years ago by popz More About Warranty Work. Customers were originally sent sercice notification of this warranty extension that indicated the warranty on the engine block was being extended to eight years. The car starts so i drive it home, approximately 4 miles down the road and the temp gage slow started to rise until it is in the danger zone and cant move any further, I park the car and schedule n appoint with Findlay Honda and they get me in two days later so they could take a look under the hood to see what was going on, I get a call hours later saying that They found the problem and that the engine block that cracked and that the extended warranty i paid for will not cover this and that I would have to pay So now dervice stuck with a car I cant drive!!!


Attorney Advertising — Prior results do not honda service a similar outcome.

I call my roadside assistance and they sent a tow truck out and said i serrvice have about a two hour wait. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The offer applies to affected Civics that have been on the road eight years or less, regardless of mileage. Now there are four spots where it cracks.


Find More Posts by dpetro1. The service guy said there was a California number had to call. Another window will open, with Picture Manager already selected. ZIPcompressed files are not acceptable. I didn’t know about it til after I bought it in late 05 and the previous owner had traded it in a couple months before that. I mean Hnoda heard it when they were bring the car so i know there was no way the guy who was pulling the car up couldnt swrvice it.

I’m just curious if this can be a temporary fix. Honda Civic – Dealers who dont know what they are talking about. Ive already had to put 4 new tires on it and the day i bought it there was a knocking noise honxa from the back drivers side.



The file names of your attached photos now appear in the Photo Attachments area of the claim form, as shown below. SocketDrive Bolt 10 x They were sent another notification that the warranty on the block is being extended to 10 years. Then I’m going to let it cure for atleast 24 hours. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

That’s what helps the rtv hold I think. Find information, user reviews, honda service parts, price comparisons for Honda Service Bulletin 10 autos. I think he hoda it in deliberately just before the 10 year extended warranty was up.


My goal isn’t to find a permanent solution. Finally called a scrap yard in her area.

The crack must be clearly visible and in focus in the block.