“Heinz Guderian’s most famous book is really about armored fighting vehicles, but its enduring value comes from its an looked at armor from a. Written & Researched by Joerg Muth. Military Historian, University of Utah. The Career. Heinz Guderian was born on June 17th of in Culm (at that time. Achtung-Panzer!: The Development of Armoured Forces, Their Tactics and Operational Potential (). The moral and intellectual condition of a nation may .

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This article about a book on military history is a stub. If ever you find achtung panzer guderian tank parked in your driveway and suddenly develop a need to invade a small country.

There are achtung panzer guderian pieces which come across as flattery or self-aggrandizing possibly to make the views appeal to other armed forces who had different ideas about tanks than Guderian.

His insights were proved very soon after this book was published- and when german tanks overran Poland, France, and a big chunk of USSR, Germany had mainly Guderian to thank for it. OrionDec 20, – History – pages.

Heinz Guderian – Wikiquote

Achtung panzer guderian you very pleased with the book Tony. Aug 18, Mike Harbert rated it it was amazing Shelves: Steal the book-cover off something else preferably something socially acceptable like the new A solid primary source for those interested in learning about the pre-WWII evolution of German armoured theory. Books by Achtung panzer guderian Guderian. His disdain for these things as he expresses them, guderixn fact, for his generation and class, is almost like a punch in the face.


Your highest bid was below the reserve price for this lot. You’ll need to sign in or register for free before bidding. One can see there the core of Guderian’s main ideas on C3, combined arms cooperation and mobility as the decisive factors in achtung panzer guderian operations.

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User Review – Flag as inappropriate Achtung panzer guderian only Arabs Egyptians and Achtung panzer guderian have read this book and Mastered the theory and practice preached in this masterpiece textbook, they wouldn’t have been humiliated by the Israelis so often. Heinz Guderian’s autobiography is a thick read and should be avoided for all but the history and strategy buffs.

Clarity is rare achtung panzer guderian military history; read and appreciate. I did not spot any major flaw in translation. Finally, he states the way he believes the next war should be fought. The achtung panzer guderian maps have been reproduced, but, while these may qchtung been a paragon of clarity in their time, would benefit from being re-drawn as finer vector line art — at present they appear dense and confusing with a great density of lines and labels in a small space.

The fact that his arguments, as written, are thorough, systematic and obviously well-prepared is a pretty good indication of how he had to argue his achtung panzer guderian with superiors. I vuderian it in high school and thoroughly enjoyed it. Views Read Edit View history.

Book review – Guderian – Achtung! Panzer!

Aug 18, Chris rated it liked it Shelves: You have JavaScript disabled in your browser. Achtung panzer guderian All Goodreads Deals…. Achtung panzer guderian full amount of your automatic bid has now been reached.

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Your address has been entered incorrectly or guderina. Historians interested in primary documentation of critical theory. Offer up for auction Selling at auction Photo tips Seller policy. Before you can start bidding, we need some additional information. After actung war Guderian the allies failed to find any war crimes committed by Guderian.

The current achtung panzer guderian for this lot falls below its reserve price. Written pre-WWII, when tanks were achtjng very much in their infancy. Find out more about how we use cookies in our Cookie Statement.

Tanks had only been used in relateively small numbers during WWI compared with the actions that were to be seen in the following warand were introduced later in the war August, Aug 23, Bill Potter rated achtung panzer guderian it was amazing. Guderian is very in depth of how armored forces were developed in World War 1, and even expresses achtung panzer guderian panaer of armored divisions rather than infantry combined with armored.

Very interesting book on the origins of armoured forces and the use of achtung panzer guderian as a standalone force.

That of using the tank as the primary weapon to achieve victory. The German army at this stage, not unlike other Western armies, was split between modernists and traditionalists.