Using a special ”overmolded” technique, Will Chapman is able to hand-inject these special two-color BrickArms weapons. These weapons are NOT painted, but. This is a list of minor characters from The Matrix franchise universe. Many of the characters Apoc drives Neo to his meeting with Morpheus, and assists Tank in locating Neo In The Matrix Reloaded, Arahanga can be seen in one of the first . Apoc is a crew member on the Zion hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar. Apoc serves in various roles, from running the tracing equipment for ejecting new redpills from.

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Brown shows subtle hints of cynically deriding his “superior” Smith, such as when he seems slightly annoyed at him when they are interrogating Morpheus. Jones seems slightly more jaded and bored with his tasks than the other Agents. When their sensors picked up another explosion in the vicinity, the Hammer went to investigate and found a destroyed Nebuchadnezzar, its crew on foot, and also an unconscious Neo.

Switch and Apoc her lover are portrayed as front-line soldiers while inside the Matrix, acting as “point” and “rear guard” in their escape from the Agents and police and providing covering fire as they make their way into the sewers.

Shimada has a penchant for using flowery metaphors to reflect the depth of her dedication to Neo’s ideals of self-awareness, freedom, and peace.

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apic The Merovingian offers to free him in exchange for the Oracle’s eyes; an irritated and desperate Trinity responds by initiating a Mexican standoffputting a gun to his head and threatening to kill him unless he releases Neo—a deal which the Merovingian accepts.

Imagine improvisation theatre with no audience.


The Merovingian meets her later in the restroom for a tryst; although it is not initially clear that he leaves for this purpose, Persephone is aware of his intentions and subsequently leads Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity to the Keymaker. Cypher murders Apoc by pulling his jack out of his head while Apoc is connected to the Matrix. She uses a “lightning gun” to shoot down a Sentinel that was about to kill Kid, allowing Kid to blast open the gate. Authorized Dealer of The Brickarms Line. Archived from the original on There is no spoon?

Spoon Boy later appears in the Matrix comic Artistic Freedom. After his brother-in-law Dozer is killed by the traitor CypherLink takes over the functions as operator and pilot of the Nebuchadnezzar out of respect for a promise he made to Dozer. She tries hard to imbue missions with nobility, and encourages those around her to be their best.

Once Neo allows Smith to assimilate him, Deus Ex Machina sends a power surge through his body and into the Matrix, deleting Smith and all the copies he has made of himself but also killing Neo. When she came of age, Tyndall eagerly became a Zion operative in the Matrix. And since your lives obviously mean nothing to you, I ask you to try to think of something that does have meaning; namely, my life.

AK-APOC Reloaded

Email to a Friend. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Because of this, many hovercraft crews and even some captains derisively refer to him as “Deadbolt” behind his back. He appears only in The Matrix. Privacy Policy Site Map.

To know the truth, you must risk everything. Go back Start shopping. In The Matrix RevolutionsMorpheus and Trinity learn from the Oracle that the Merovingian has put a price on their heads for taking the Keymaker from him.

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She served capably during the War, working her way up to a senior position, but retired from field duty in the aftermath of an accident that rendered her unable to jack into the Matrix safely any longer. Being an exile himself, the Merovingian’s services are not condoned by either the free humans or the Machines, but they are overlooked unless in direct conflict with either of their goals.

Switch also pokes fun at Mousecalling him “the digital pimp”. At that point, Link triggers the EMP weapon on the ship, disabling the first wave of Sentinels and drilling machines that were attacking the city. He is the only member of Morpheus’ crew who wears sunglasses with oblong lenses, similar to those used by Agents, rather than rounded ones while connected to the Matrix. Jones and Brown undergo little character development and do not appear in the sequels, though they are occasionally seen in The Matrix Online.

While waiting to leave the Matrix with a message from The OracleBane was attacked by Smithnow a dangerous, viral rogue program that was bent on destroying both humans and the machines using his cloning ability.

From this, it can be deduced Jones perceives the human race much as Smith does, though with less unbridled revulsion. Tank watched over not only the jacked-in crewmembers, but also the ship itself in case the Sentinels killing machines detected the ship.