The late author Arysio Santos was a highly regarded climatologist, geologist, and In this groundbreaking study of Atlantis, he draws on all these disciplines. The late author Arysio Santos was a highly regarded climatologist, geologist, and Santos demonstrates that Plato’s dating of Atlantis’s disappearance in 28 Oct By Dhani Irwanto, 28 October Arysio Nunes dos Santos ( – AD), was a highly qualified engineer with many patents to his credit.

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Awang Harun Satyana d. Heartless rated it liked it Jan 28, Apart from his professional interests, Santos has written on a diverse range of subjects including Symbolism, Alchemy, the Samtos Grail and Comparative Mythology and Religion.

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Notify me of new comments via email. In the 18th century many scholars consider the village of Pinarbasi, 10 km south of Hissarlik, as a more likely location for Troy. Remember that at the same time, similar inundations were taking place much closer to home in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and these events are more likely to have been remembered in the legends and myths familiar to Plato.

Posted on June 10, by. Recently, a British genealogist, Anthony Adolph, has proposed that the ancestry of the British can be traced back to Troy in his book Brutus of Troy [ ]. This veiled suggestion of some sort of racial superiority, through antiquity, was disputed locally.

ATLANTIS – The Lost Continent Finally Found by Arysio Santos (3 star ratings)

However, it is quite szntos that the flooding of these towns and villages were the inspiration for the Atlantis of Plato. He understood my difficulty completely. Archive i https: An English translation of part of his book has now been provided by Teleguin c.


Such site strives unrivaled as being the most logical one ever proposed, matching all the features mentioned by the Greek philosopher Plato, as well as those cited by other sources. Puti Soedarsono rated it liked it Apr 01, I just had cause to go to his site today and very sadly found that my friend Prof.

Though long by human standards, this is but a brief moment in geological terms. His work was continued in until by an amateur researcher, Frank Calvert.

Atlantis in the Java Sea

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Abbas also provides a website c that does very little to add to his cause. His theory was based to an extent on observations by the Cambridge professor of mineralogy Edward Daniel Clarke and his assistant John Martin Cripps. An Indonesian researcher, Panji R. Duhita Lusiya rated it liked it Oct 11, With the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, the immense glaciers that covered the whole of the northern half of North America and Eurasia melted away.

The Indonesian islands are all that is left of it. There is an interesting website b promoting his theories and in his ideas were published in book form [ ]but sadly, Professor Santos passed away just weeks after it was launched.

Tagged Arysio Nunes dos SantosC. The lost city is in Java Sea [ ]in which he located the biblical Garden of Eden and the legendary island of Taprobane on the Indonesian island of Kilimantan Borneo and placed Atlantis off its coast. Medcat rated it liked it Oct satos, He had also written on The Mysterious Origin of the Guanches.


Sxntos am writing this hub as a sort of tribute to a very great man, who was a true pioneer when it came to alternative history of this planet, and a man whose work needs to be looked at if you are interested in the mystery of Atlantis. The rising of the sea level by nearly feet, he argues, submerged continent-sized lands—including Atlantis, which he connects with the biblical Garden of Eden.

Before taken as a legend, for the most sure, being a very real story. Abas is no trailblazer, as the idea of Atlantis in this region has been advocated since by investigators such as the late Professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos b and William Lauritzen c.

ATLANTIS – The Lost Continent Finally Found

The Atlanti Continent Finally Found. Harris in a number of articles on the excellent Migration and Diffusion website c. Inthose gentlemen were the first to have linked the archaeological site at Hisarl? I had been searching for information online and soon came upon Prof. A post-war Australian investigation concluded that the site was much older than previously believed.

Muhammad Meisa rated it atlants it Mar 24, So it was quite understandable that when Swiss geo-archaeologist, Eberhard Zanggerexpressed this view [ ] it caused quite a stir. So, if at BCE our technology was only producing tools of bones, how can people from 20, BCE altantis the technology to build a pyramid?

Tripura is the name of a triple city in Hindu mythology that was famed for its architecture and rich adornments. Atlantis book by Prof. The Swedish scholar, Martin P.