19 Oct One of the most popular courses offered by Assimil for Italian learners is called Italian With Ease. This particular course contains 4 audio CD’s. Beginners. Assimil guide de conversation italien, , £ Il Francese senza sforzo, , £ Italian with Ease – pack: book + 4. 23 Apr Assimil Language Course: Italian With Ease introduces the Italian language to beginners in an audio-intensive course full of short lessons.

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The Assimil course is great, but you need to be motivated if you want to complete it. Not to mention that the vocab is extremely toned down for some reason. Previous Post Next Assimil italian with ease. But the parts I have heard have been riddled with inaccuracies and out right crap translations.

Language-Specific Resources – Resources for each language. Assimil italian with ease can take anywhere from mins on average. To summarize this review it can be said that there are a lot of benefits of Assimil Italian course and also a few drawbacks.

Assimil Italian with Ease

assiimil But I really like Italian so I wanted to give it a try. That’s my point exactly. Incidentally, I am curious about this for French as well, since I am currently working through “with Ease”. The audio is assimil italian with ease good quality however there are a few silly spelling mistakes in the book, but the lessons are still easy to understand. Here is the worst I’ve found. Interestingly enough, it was a friend from Piedmont who was the most insistent that I not speak that way!


The English express doubt but the Portuguese expresses certitude. Those two sentences do NOT mean the same thing. Both of these are good things IMO. Please report people who you see break the rules. eaes

Assimil Italian review. – Reviews of TOP Italian Courses

The “Italian” used in the English version is terrible for an Italian speaker, at the contrary the Italian dub in the Italian version is perfect. If so, which one? The pages offer parallel text the whole way assiimil, with Italian on the left page and translations on the right. Errors assimil italian with ease omissions notwithstanding, the “with Ease” course was very thorough.

One case is in level 3 where the English uses the verb to pretend and the Portuguese is translated with the verb pretender which means to intend. Michel Thomas Italian review.

If you have any questions feel free to put them in the comments! Review of the Main Strong and Weak Sides. So socio-linguistics be damned, I had to “fix” my pronunciation or it would just cause too many problems with other assimil italian with ease speakers. Furthermore not imitate the Italian accent. The price of Assimil depends on which version of this course you will choose to buy — Assimil italian with ease assinil CD edition.


So it can be wit that active phase is a bit more asskmil and it can help to boost your general studying efficiency and retention. We can’t scour every thread for infractions. My only other concern is that the new assimil italian with ease may be”dumbed down”. Assimil italian with ease general, just expose myself as much as possible to Italian as I believe this is the only way to fully learn a language. I’ve also got loads of Russian movies, TV shows, comics and books to dabble into, but I won’t really be able to make much use of them until after I’ve finished Assimil.

About Assimil Italian Method. These ratings are usually self-assessed, not official.

I write in my hotels before bed so I don’t know how long that takes. After days of Assimil Italian with Ease! He might be at home tomorrow morning.