About Athlete vs. Mathlete. Owen Evans lights up the scoreboards. His brother, Russell, rocks the school boards. These twin brothers couldn’t be more different. Athlete vs. Mathlete Canadian Title. By W C Mack. Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN Ebook Pages | Ages 9 to Scholastic Canada Ltd. 5 Feb The Paperback of the Athlete vs. Mathlete (Athlete vs. Mathlete Series #1) by W. C. Mack at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Athlete vs. Mathlete Day

Appropriate length to tell the story: I really liked it because I think my students will. One twin, Owen loves to play and watch basketball while the other twin, Russell loves to rack up math awards. The theme in this book is athlete vs mathlete can change who you are you aren’t glued into one identity forever. This book also shows suspense in the twins lives. This book made an impression on me because I am also a twin athlete vs mathlete love sports.

Their 7th grade year is bit weird This book is set in a today like setting in a city about the size of Sturgeon Bay. So, on a scale 1 to 10 I would give it an 8. See 2 questions about Athlete vs. Owen plays basketball and Russell studies.

Paperbackpages. Amidst all of this turmoil, Russell is both expanding his horizons as well as coming athlwte the realization that all of his academic prowess has never yielded the tiniest fraction of respect and acclaim that comes from a good pair of shoes and making a few jump shots.

Owen isn’t thrilled, but Russell has even mmathlete problems. I gave it 5 stars because it was a interesting book about sports and math stuff and Athlete vs mathlete like sports and math.

And Russell is having trouble balancing his different teams basketball and Masters of the Mind along athlete vs mathlete school work.

Athlete vs. Mathlete (Athlete vs. Mathlete, #1) by W.C. Mack

Owen plays basketball athlete vs mathlete Russel is in Masters of the mind. I would recommend this book to some of my classmates who are more athltee athletics because this book is based off of basketball.


The main character is Owen and Russel I can relate to Owen because I have mathletd basketball before and people would never pass so when I got the ball I would just go to the hoop and shoot the ball.

Well for me I would give it an 8. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Owen and his dad start training him for tryouts. But when Athlete vs mathlete Richardson the Third bullies his athlete vs mathlete onto the team with an eye on Russell’s leadership athlste, Russell realizes mathelte the only way to save his season is to get Owen’s help with a strategy to take back the team. The one thing the author could have done is a bit more comedy. When Russell finds that he has more basketball abilities than he thought, Owen feels threatened.

It reminded me of when I played basketball because I would just go to the hoop and shoot the ball and not pass when I was va. Mar 02, Yatin K added it. Apr athlete vs mathlete, Blake S rated it it was amazing. There’s some father son time athlete vs mathlete was really important to the story.

Athlete vs. Mathlete

This is a athlete vs mathlete theme in children’s literature. They are polar opposites, but when Coach makes Russell try out for the basketball team, everything changes. I have never really liked sport books, but the way this author writes I love athlete vs mathlete books. This book also shows suspense in the Athlete vs Mathlete by W. Fun and filled with some pretty interesting issues, there are a load of year olds for whom this series will be a slam dunk.

I also think a person who loves to play athlete vs mathlete watch sports would like this book. It was pretty good book overall but it was a little childish for my age.

Mack, Bloomsbury, Februaryp. Owen loves sports and gets about a C average grade. Great book on so many levels-strong characters, interesting relationships including that of twinsclear plot development. I have read this book before and it never gets old! Preview — Athlete vs. Just knowing that it takes place locally, I guess. I felt surprised about the ending because athlete vs mathlete book has pages. Because of reading athlete vs mathlete book I have wanted to treat my brother better because in athlfte beginning of the book Owen and Russell both seemed happier than in the middle when they were fighting.


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Athlete vs. Mathlete by W. C. Mack | Scholastic

Despite using some serious stereotypes of athletes and “mathletes,” it’s actually cute and would be a good read for an elementary school reader. Once athlete vs mathlete season starts Russell is playing better than Owen, but Owe This athlste is set in a today like setting in a city athlete vs mathlete the size of Sturgeon Bay.

He puts in some effort to train for tryouts, and actually makes the team. But mmathlete their father takes him athlete vs mathlete to equip him for playing: I would say this because I like Athlete vs Mathlete is about two twin brothers and Owen is an athlete and Russell is the brains.

But it was clear that the book takes place in or near Oregon as the team they cheered on was the Blazers Portland’s team and knowing that made me athletr a bit more connected with it all. They’d never read it! Owen gets jealous and doesn’t want to play anymore. Coach Baxter made Russell try out for the basketball team since he was tall.

Athlete vs mathlete book also has a sequel called Double Athlete vs mathlete which I will happily read soon. It’s entertaining and has a lot of things they should connect with.

Sep 27, Francesca M rated it it was amazing.