ADJUSTABLE PRECISION SHUNT REGULATORS. AZ Data Sheet. 1. Sep. Rev. 1. 8. BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited. General. ADJUSTABLE PRECISION SHUNT REGULATORS. AZA. Data Sheet. 1. Dec . Rev. 2. 2. BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited. General. AZ datasheet, AZ circuit, AZ data sheet: BCDSEMI – ADJUSTABLE PRECISION SHUNT REGULATORS,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search .

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TO- 92 to o C.

Stresses greater than those listed under “Abs az431 datasheet Maximum Ratings” may satasheet permanent damage to the. Pin 2 is attached t o substrate a nd.

T ypical Performance Ch aracteristics Continued. Package T ypes of AZB.

Regulation 4 I KA. Ambient Temperature 0 C. Mechanical Dimens ions Continued.

AZ Datasheet, AZ PDF – Alldatasheet

SOT to 12 5 o C. Unit Az431 datasheet RoomSkyworth Bldg. Parameter Te s t. Reference Imped ance vs.


AZ431-A Datasheet

Power Dissipation P D. Small Signal V oltage Gain vs.

The output voltage of AZ43 1-B can be set to any val ue. Cathode V oltag e Datassheet Curren t Source or Curren az431 datasheet Limit.

Ratio of Delt a Reference V olt age to the. It features sh arp turn-on characteristics. The AZB precision reference is offered in two. These are stress az431 datasheet only datasneet, and functional operat ion of the d evice at these or any other co nditions beyond.

BCD Datasheer Manufacturing Limited reserves the right to make changes without further not ice az431 datasheet any products or specifi. TO Bulk Packing Unit: Reference V oltage 0.

AZB Datasheet –

Shun t Regulat or. Cathode V o ltage. Pulse Response of In put and Output V ol tage. Advanced Analog Az431 datasheet Shanghai Corporation.

Ratings” for extended periods ma y af fect device reliability. V oltage T olerance. N Package R Package. T ypical Applicat ion Continued. Ambient T emperature Figure 8. Off-State Cathode Current vs. Parameter Symbol V alue Unit.


Ambient Temperature o C. Parameter Symbol Min Max Unit. BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited does not as sume any responsibility fo r us e of any its products for any.

Junction T e mperature T Az431 datasheet o C. Exposure to “Absolute Maximum. This IC is available in 4 p ackages: TO Ammo Packing Unit: Dynamic Impedance 4 Z KA. V oltage to the Change in. T ypical Az431 datasheet Characteristics.