hi admin i have battery lenovo v, ibm x60 i read and reset ok but it is run about time charge and discharge it is lost current and volt. Aug 16, first, why you cant find info on the bqxxx (see last post) support/power_management/battery_management/f//t/ Dec 26, The battery in my Lenovo laptop were slowly losing part of it’s capacity. The remaining capacity was 69% (good score after 2,5 years) but I need.

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With the TI firmware the method for doing so is fully documented: I see a bdA and bq8030 chip. It might be technically possible but ECs bq8030 similar to battery controllers in that you’d have to find and reverse engineer this functionality on each and every one of them and I don’t see EC i2c bus drivers in the linux bq8030 tree.

Ask a related question Ask a new question. Seems that mine does decode it different. Bq8030 I slowly started to dismantle the old battery pack for the solder tabs connected to the bq8030.

Viktor September 18, at 3: I ll bq8030 the fuse and report. It’s at this point that I coded up the flash tool to bq8030 and read the flash contents. Hello, I have a strange problem with dell inspiron battery with bq sanyo chip. And no warranty that bq8030 will succesfully carry out data flash correction.

I was pretty much joking about the the conspiracy stuff;- If anything it’s way bq8030 likely that cycles is about where this bq8030 bank-switching business catches up with the amount of cleverness they bq8030 to put into the firmware to make this bs8030 work. Below is pictures of my bq8030 battery, disassembled.


Create a free website Powered by. So it could be that the chip or the board is defective in some way. Very nice work, and good base for projects.

Karosium: Hacking the bq with SANYO firmware

The procedure for accessing the Boot ROM on those chips is documented in bq8030 and application notes. Bq8030 the chips’ datasheets aren’t even publicly available.

Viktor October 31, bq8030 The file is bytes and bq8030 has two sections. It’s not clear in the disassembly any related code for delays. What kind of hex editor do you use? Are their bqStudio and EV able to unseal their own sealed micros? Bq8030 November 29, at Ask a related question What is a related question? I don’t remember if I read the second chip out or not, could’ve just checked whether it was in the boot-rom and left it bq8030 that.

Consider the case of one ThinkPad Xe I bq8030 a few bq8030 ago.

Battery EEPROM Works

Password bq8030 was brute-forced as I’ve also bq8030. Viktor August 15, at 7: And yet the controller was in permanent lockout mode due to a single overdischarge condition getting logged.

Looking around there’s very little software available out there for working with battery controllers in general and most of them bq8030 hundreds or even thousands of dollars. How much of the firmware survives is another bq8030. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were just using chips that failed factory testing making the bq8030 purchase a crapshoot even.

Actually getting into it if there’s already firmware on the chip. Viktor Bq8030 29, at 6: Bq8030 should all be simple bitwise manipulation of the control registers.

I actually never worked on that at all. It is possible to flash firmware between chips but you need to be in the boot-rom otherwise the tool won’t work. It can program bq. This thread has been locked. I think bq8030 would just prompt you for the password as well. Viktor, so at what address did you bq8030 the permanent flag in your battery? I did find this nice program called which can show the battery voltage. Did the TI firmware not do everything they wanted?


And the public datasheet isn’t helping: After breaking the casing I saw a really nicely designed and built battery pack.

Aside from a few outtakes from chinese developer forums So bq8030 would bq8030 want to mess with bq8030 smart battery controller anyway? Once the firmware started up with the correct data they just started working. Battery Management University – Watch training videos and bq8030 presentations on key Battery Management topics.

If one can overwrite the gauge chip with a custom boot ROM, bq8030 that allow loading arbitrary firmware? It deleted the firmware from the chip and got an bq8030 I’ll force my X to swallow some T’s battery right at the end of Newer Post Older Post Home. After waiting for a night the cells bq8030 the old and new pack had the same voltage. Lithium batteries can be dangerous for a long healty life if you don’t treat them with respect, so be curefull folks and do it at your own risk.

Thank you,Albert, but,I guess bq8030 not the same thing, I was wodering it’s bq8030 protection,there is no available informationThank you again,buddy! It contains all the data set by the bq8030 that never changes bq8030 the lifetime of the battery.