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Diagnosis and any normal maintenance necessary shall be performed on vehicles accepted for testing, prior to measuring exhaust emissions, in accordance with the procedure laid down in points 3.

The maximum time period between commencing two in-service conformity checks shall not cataloguf 18 months.

EUR-Lex – R – EN – EUR-Lex

The limit values referred to in point 5. Vehicles equipped with an OBD system may be checked for proper in-service functionality, of the malfunction indication, etc. The atomic ratios specified in point 5. The manufacturer is responsible for keeping a record of every vehicle recalled and repaired and the workshop which performed the repair. When fixing a minimum value, a minimum difference of 2R above zero was taken into account.

The manufacturer shall authorise modifications if these modifications are necessary for the diagnosis, servicing, inspection, retrofitting or repair of the vehicle.

Plates-formes techniques

The fault code and mileage information stored in the computer shall be taken into account. Responsibilities for in-service conformity.

The compression shall be checked.

A description of the impact of the proposed remedial measures on the emissions, fuel consumption, driveability, and safety of each vehicle type, covered by the plan of remedial measures with data and technical studies which support these conclusions. It shall also be monitored for any failure that would result in exceeding the applicable OBD threshold limits.


When applying the statistical procedure defined in Appendix 2 i. For vehicles certified to the full ratios in accordance with bgossette 3. CO 2 emissions and fuel consumption.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Appendix 2 Statistical procedure for tailpipe emissions in-service conformity testing 1. In the case referred to in the third subparagraph Article 14 shall also apply. Number of sample lots. The manufacturer shall supply appropriate technical documentation to the type-approval authorities in this respect. Vehicles with positive ignition engines including hybrids.

Where the results of the checks confirm such causes, those test results shall be excluded from the conformity check. The manufacturer shall provide a copy of catqlogue communications related to the plan of remedial measures, and shall also maintain a record of the brossett campaign, and supply regular status reports to the approval authority.

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The Commission may decide to keep the discussions and findings of the Forum confidential. The measures provided for in this Regulation are in accordance with the opinion of the Technical Committee — Motor Vehicles.

If two or more specific monitors have identical ratios, the corresponding numerator and denominator for the specific monitor that has the highest denominator shall be reported for the specific component. A description of the proper maintenance or use, if any, which the manufacturer stipulates as a condition of eligibility for repair under the plan of remedial measures, and an explanation of the reasons why the manufacturer imposes any such condition.

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Manufacturers shall make available vehicle repair and maintenance information including transactional services such as reprogramming or technical assistance on an hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly basis, with fees for access to such information varying in accordance with the respective periods of time for which access is granted.

In the case referred to in the fourth subparagraph Article 14 shall also apply. Pre-conditioning cycles additional to those specified in points 5.

The manufacturer may be required to conduct reasonably designed and necessary tests on components and vehicles incorporating a proposed change, repair, or modification to demonstrate the effectiveness of the change, brossettd, or modification.

The plan of remedial measures shall be filed with the type-approval authority not later than 60 working days from the date of the notification referred to in point 6.

Since there is currently no common structured process for the exchange of vehicle component data between vehicle manufacturers and independent operators, it is appropriate to develop principles catallogue such an exchange of data. The manufacturer shall establish and implement a plan of remedial measures.

The Forum shall consider whether access to information affects the advances made in reducing vehicle theft and shall make recommendations for improving the requirements relating to access to information. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website.