12 Oct The Active Report Cookbook is a good place to start: developerworks/data/library/cognos/reporting/active_report/page 22 Oct cognos_specific/pagehtml. A must read for Active Reports. For introductory information please refer to the IBM Cognos Active Report section of the IBM Cognos Report Studio User Guide located under the Author and.

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The following example will step a user through creating one simple Active Report and a second regular report; one Active Report will be a Data Button Bar that assigns a value to the variable. IBM Cognos Active Report outputs are intuitive to navigate and can be consumed in standard web browsers.

In order to enable scrolling on these controls they should be placed inside a fixed sixed block with Overflow property set to use scrollbars only when necessary. The lowest object in the hierarchy in this case would be the Card. An advantage of this approach is that cognnos data can be represented in a different form at each level.

With the required Decks finalized, the report layout can now be cognos 10 active reports cookbook. IBM Cognos Report Studio is widely used for creating and managing acgive reports in medium to large companies. The title of each Card should reflect the conditional styling that is present on that Card.

cognos 10 active reports cookbook A Button Bar provides the report author the ability to manually create the desired number of buttons. When a different sized card is selected for acctive, other displayed objects may move to accommodate the new card.

The control provides the report author the ability to supply the available values based on the record set returned by a specified data item.


This data button bar is used to set a value for a variable which controls the left and right hand data decks, both of which are driven by Product line and contain the Product line query item. The bottom half of the image illustrates the dialog box presented to the user after selecting the Show Variables menu item.

Note that this course focuses on the brand new Dashboarding tool. When connected to a variable it will allow the iterator control to filter or select values from a data container. Every interactive object has Behaviour on Selection and Reaction Behaviour options. For example, when selecting different regions cognos 10 active reports cookbook a map, a chart that provides additional details can be overlaid on that location.

IBM Cognos Active Report 10.2 Cookbook

The image below illustrates the dialog boxes presented by selecting the tabs beside the toolbox icon in IBM Cognos Report Studio. Every Packt product delivers a specific learning pathway, broadly defined by the Series type.

The scrolling marquee can be used to passively cognos 10 active reports cookbook key metrics or information that will continually scroll across the screen. If the size of a deck cognos 10 active reports cookbook not constrained and animation is enabled ccookbook the new card could potentially animate in from across the screen, which creates an undesirable experience for the end user.

Register for an account and access leading-edge content cgonos emerging technologies. The list on the right represents the iPad view and does not have a scrollbar to the right of the Gross profit column.

IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook, Second Edition | PACKT Books

The same concept can be applied to hiding and showing crosstab rows and columns. Some of the most common scenarios include:.


An author can use background effects or images to improve the visual appeal of reporting applications. Currently, he leads a team of software developers, in a large global financial services company, to deliver analytical applications with dashboards and self-service capabilities. The HTML Item describes the size of the frame that will display the video and the source of the video. It is common practice when designing reporting applications for the desktop to nest large objects such as lists inside a smaller blocks with scrolling enabled.

The authoring effort will be significantly reduced if the core functionality is agreed cognos 10 active reports cookbook before design iterations begin.

Data Decks are generally used to display the same report data container for cognos 10 active reports cookbook contexts. To disable the use of a control based on a condition the Control Enable functionality in the Interactive Behaviour menu can be used.

The Continuous Values Slider is best suited for numeric range filtering. View our Cookie Policy. Packt Hub Technology news, analysis, and tutorials from Packt. The Reaction Behaviour has three main options:.

Conditional formatting will also be used to draw the end users attention to teports of concern. The exploding pie slice functionality is useful for providing a visual indication of selection.