Buy Controversially Yours: An Autobiography by Shoaib Akhtar (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. 8 Oct The first thing you realise when you read Shoaib Akhtar’s autobiography is that much of the media reaction to it is a distraction from the book’s. Controversially Yours was written by Shoaib was also a legend cricketer of his era.

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KAR’ Attitude and all who were offended by it should read. Jan 02, Naveed Nawaz rated it really liked it. We learn how, just before breaking into Test cricket, he spent an emotionally wrenching period in Karachi rooming with his buddy Saqlain Mushtaq when they were struggling cricketers and the city was in turmoil.

There is a solution to all of one’s problems but they will appear in their own time, so one must learn to sit it out and stop panicking.

Be the first to ask a question about Controversially Yours. I recommend this book to any one seeking inspiration or enjoys exhilarating true tales.

But his statistics don’t tell the whole story. Surgical Strikes At LoC: I wish most other players would take the time out and write similar books about their lives as it does make very interesting insight into what-makes-Pakistan-tick.

Inside the dressing room, things got uglier. Does it give him the right to sometimes be an asshole? Shoaib needs to realise that maybe when he complains over and over again how no one listens to him in Pakistan he actually means that he doesn’t listen to everyone around him?

Amazing story of the world’s fastest bowler and a true ‘Brand’ of cricket’ from his childhood to his bombastic entry in the cricketing world and the controversies that kept surrounding him.

Pakistani cricket system is one of most corrupt departments in Pakistani bureaucracy. One of them embeds a no holds barred purgatory about the functioning or the absolute lack of it on the part of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Though he himself has not been spared by Shoaib Akhtar in his book and interviews, former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi controvesially the tearaway fast bowler’s claims that Sachin Tendulkar was scared of his pace, saying he was a witness to the master batsman trembling at the sight of Shoaib.

Cricket dontroversially linked to our lives at extreme level. His account of not playing for the Pak vs India semifinal is really heart breaking and especially where he mentions Afridi coming up to him and saying “Shaoib, ye kya hogya yar” The book was nothing extraordinary but Shoaib Akhter is a larger than life character.


My dying maternal grandma on her death bed cheered my uncle to quit worrying and turn on TV so she could see Inzimam playing. To see what oyurs friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Pakistan Cricket Board on Sunday said that retired fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar kept the board shooaib dark about his upcoming autobiography to be launched next month. Being raised as 90s generation in rural environment, Sports was our only entertainment.

To ask other readers questions about Controversially Yoursplease sign up. The quote I loved the most in this book? Otherwise, you will be disappointed with the book just as you were with Shoaib Akhtar whom I expected to be one of the greatest fast bowlers the world has ever seen. I was just about bursting with respect for shoaih cricketers of my country minus those bribed at the end for the unnecessary obstacles put their way and of course, the fickle nature of fame and and being a crowd favorite.

I had read a review where it was mentioned that the book is more about Shoaib the Superstar than Shoaib the Cricketer.

‘Controversially Yours’ from Akhtar

Published September 25th by Harper Controversiakly India. Unnecessary use of urdu lines, attempts to add satire when it didn’t fit did to the book what shoaib did to his career. Mithran rated it really liked it Jul 14, Apr 12, Neeraj Pandey rated it really liked it. Cricket had been a passion in Pakistani youth.

Shoaib reveals it all in ‘Controversially Yours’ – Rediff Cricket

I wish he had had the sense to edit some of these vile comments from his book but then it wouldn’t exactly controversiially it controversial would it?

And you know he is a good guy when he specifically mentions the names of his cook and driver in his book and thanks them for their support. But he has also said a great deal that is more interesting, more important, and evidently more heartfelt. Along the way,he collected a lot of scalps,famously clean bowling Tendulkar with his fast ball,hitting Brian Lara on the head and cracking open Gary Kirsten’s jaw.

Preview — Controversially Yours by Shoaib Akhtar. The furores shoajb drummed up to hawk this book might obscure that it’s a cracking read.


Along the way,he slept on the floor and lived in the thick This is a fast paced book by the world’s fastest bowler. Anecdotes, often the choicest part of a memoir, are peppered throughout. Controversy has always followed Shoaib Akthar both on and off the filed.

Controversially Yours: An Autobiography

All through the book Shoaib confronts his bad-boy image head-on, but his reflections are unlikely to sway anyone. An Autobiography by Shoaib Akhtar.

A particularly funny anecdote involves Saqlain Mushtaq chasing around Javed Miandad with a bat and the other teammates following them with a smile in their faces. Shoaib claimed that top performers in Pakistan cricket are never valued.

A must read, I would say but keep your expectations low. While Shoaib tries to be as candid as possible about various controversial issues such as ball tampering he alleges that every bowler tampers with the ball on account of dead trackscontroverially chronically recurring knee, rib and hamstring injuries instances of tubes sticking out of his knees post a surgery and injections being administered directly into the knees are revelatoryelements of such frankness and honesty are unfortunately masked in the maze of vain glorious self-praise.

Once he discovered cricket, he was drawn to role models, finding instant inspiration in Imran Khan’s dynamic and towering figure. His views on everything from his scandals, the PCB, all the allegations towards him in his career are all controversies he talks about. In a way, the whole controversy surrounding the book’s launch captures his life and career – egged on by a sense of bravado he talks some nonsense in an interview, blown out of proportion and context, unable to backtrack because of his ego and the spotlight on him, and finally has to retract his statements, asking everyone to read the book – which actually doesn’t talk about Sachin ‘trembling’ at all in the first place.

Shoaib could have entertained his readers with a ringside view of these intricacies; it feels like a golden opportunity lost. To ask other readers questions about Controversially Yoursplease sign up. I had no idea how bloody difficult a journey this was and how full of shit the people in charge are.