15 Oct Ans Drawing Sympols. ITSM Foundation Course Material. ITSM is one of the most popular and globally acknowledge IT service management certification for IT professionals. 14 Jul Senior Welding Inspector – CSWIP srinivasa rao. Jayson makinano cv JayJay Makinano. Api study guide. JayJay Makinano.

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If the specimen is large enough, two more tests can be done d. Throat a Leg Leg z Figure 2. In concave fillet welds the throat thickness will be much less than stufy.

This is to be specified as a condition of the customer contract. However, because the material is locally heated and restrained by the surrounding cold metal, stresses are generated higher than the material yield stuxy causing permanent distortion. The technical knowledge required from the coordinator will obviously depend upon the complexity of the product.

Double V butt joints, welded by the SAW process c.

Distortion — prevention by pre-setting, pre-bending or use of restraint Distortion — prevention by mmaterial Elimination of welding Distortion — prevention by fabrication techniques Distortion — corrective techniques Weldability of Steels Factors that effect weldability Hydrogen cracking Solidification cracking Lamellar tearing Weld Fractures Ductile fractures Brittle fracture Fatigue fracture Welding Symbols Standards for symbolic matterial of welded joints on drawings Elementary welding symbols Combination of elementary symbols Supplementary symbols Position of symbols on drawings Relationship between the arrow line and the joint line Position of the reference line and position of the weld symbol Positions of the continuous line and the dashed line Dimensioning of welds Indicatgion of the welding process Other information in the tail of the reference line Weld symbols in accordance with AWS 2.

Relatively thin, 32. strength C-steel. A detailed representation shows every detail and dimension of the joint preparation with carefully written, extensive notes.


CSWIP 3.2 Course Material 2016

As the examination is multi choice these questions will also be. Company procedures are usually covered in quality manuals the scope of which may vary widely depending upon the size of company, its range of work, its working practices and many other factors. Welding with restraint will generate additional residual stresses in the weld, which may cause cracking.

In large structures, if distortion is occurring preferentially on one side, it may be possible to take corrective actions, for example, by increasing welding on the other side to control the overall distortion.

A standard provides, for common and repeated use, guidelines, rules, and characteristics for activities or their results, aimed at the achievement of the optimum degree of order in a given context.

Restraint is relatively simple to apply using clamps, jigs and fixtures to hold the parts during welding. Willingness and ability to support members of the team on technical and administrative issues.

Yield Re or proof stress Rp are measured by means of an extensometer that is attached to the parallel length of the specimen and is able to accurately measure the extension of the gauge length as the load is increased.

Anonymous November 17, at 6: This force is called the electromotive force, emfand is measured in volts, V. Short runs, for example using the back-step or skip welding technique, are very effective in distortion control see above.

CSWIP Study Materials – CSWIP Questions – CQ

Thus, it is very important that the it is controlled within the specified limits otherwise it may be necessary to carry out a new WPQ test to validate the properties of the item and at worst it may not be fit-for-purpose. A code of practice may be a standard, part of a standard or independent of a standard.

Where appropriate, as-built drawings. The basic principle is that the parts are placed in position and held under restraint to minimise any movement during welding. Therefore, your knowledge of the TWI specification and the use of it is essential to your role. Anonymous May 23, at 2: This is called the potential difference or voltage.


Numbers to the right of a symbol or symbols relate to the longitudinal dimension of welds, eg for fillets the number of welds, weld length and weld spacing for noncontinuous welds. Is he seen to be leading from the front in a fair and consistent manner? Place a metal plate of adequate thickness to intercept the missile. Knowledge is best when shared. As incremental point loading will only produce an approximately straight component, it is better to use a former to achieve a straight component or to produce a smooth curvature.

In particular it will lay down how the Inspection function, whether visual, dimensional or NDT, will be performed, inspection being defined as the activity of measuring, examining and testing characteristics of a product or service and comparing these to a specified requirement.

No, all PWHT shall be witnessed and a minimum of 3 thermocouples shall be used b. It would depend on the thickness and grade of material as to whether this would be acceptable or not c. Typical test piece types are shown below.

Plates usually dish inwards between the stiffeners, because of angular distortion at the stiffener attachment welds.

Low morale can lead to among other things, poor productivity, less good workmanship, lack of diligence, taking short cuts, ignoring safety procedures and higher levels of absenteeism.

Mean what he says. There are a number of options and methods to specify an appropriate weld shape or finish.