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mbo products are available from MARYLAND METRICS. Clevises DIN / DIN ISO and according to CETOP RPP mbo standard 05_ DIN Stainless Steel-Fork heads without bolt . DIN Aluminium – Fork head, without bolt. Fork heads, Steel. DIN Fork heads, without bolt. DIN Clevis Fork Joints Metric Size, Steel, Plain Fork Type .. DIN Clevis Fork Joint, Metric Size, Stainless Steel, Plain Fork Type. Aluminum Clevis .

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Vin Directive regulates the use of hazardous substances in devices and components. Once you have successfully registered, you will have access to all prices and can then place an order. A hardened cross-hole increases the clevis’s resistance to wear. The provision of an additional thread on the shaft permits twist-proof assembly. Clevis with additional thread makes anti-rotation mounting possible.

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Selected Part Part Number. Depending on sector and geographical region, this variant may also be referred to as a connecting rod, coupling rod or tie bar system. Show all product details. However, this variant dij only suitable for permanent connections. However, smaller or larger cross-holes are also possible provided that the geometry of the part dun this.

Clevis with drilled hole instead of thread Threadless variants have also become established in the automotive industry in recent years.

A number of our metal parts can be produced in a variety of colors using a powder coating process. Services and applications to accompany the product. Do you have any questions or would you like to talk to us in person?

ASL joint Alongside the clevis, these joints also have a bolt with groove and a SL-retainer in order to fix the bolt in place. The components used in this variant comprise a clevis, a bolt with one or optionally two grooves and a corresponding number of retaining rings in accordance with DIN in order to fix the bolt in place.

This joint corresponds to a combination of a clevis and a bolt with pin hole together with a washer and a cotter pin. All Prices are in US Dollars. Packaging unit The packaging unit defines the number of articles in one packaging.


Information DIN clevis fork joints are mainly used with pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. The implementation in national law is summarily described with RoHS R estriction o f the use of certain h azardous s ubstances.

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The displayed price is always in line with the displayed packaging, if the PU is the price for units, if the PU is the price for units. In generally we suggest: In almost all such cases, the clevis is used as a clevis joint, i. Register as a new customer.

DIN Fork head, Aluminium. As a result, this variant is particularly suitable when the clevis has to be joined to a part with a female thread.

To log in with your mobile phone number please enter your mobile phone number, verified during the registration process. Please first choose whether you are a private or corporate customer. If you do need weight details, please contact our Sales Department! AKL joint This type of joint consists of a clevis, a bolt with groove and a KL-retainer in order to fix the bolt in place.

DIN 71752 Stainless steel Fork head

Alternatively you can contact your sales representative. Fork head without split pin. Corporate customer without VAT.