A paper pinhole camera published as a cut out in the 70’s in former Czechoslovakia, wich was distributed along with the magazine ABC. Dirkon Camera. now this is something. apparently back in the s when communism was all the rage, it was hard to get a hold of decent. The Dirkon pinhole 35mm camera is made entirely from paper cut from a template by designers Martin Pilný, Mirek Kolář and Richard.

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This is why the camera digkon a certain generation of Czechs wax poetic. Does somebody have a idea of the correct exposure times? David didn’t follow this suggestion, however, since he wanted to experience the real magic of Dirkon photography. But first a few notes which David has jotted down after his experience with making it, which you might find useful. Pay homage to the roots of photography by crafting our own pinhole cameras and taking dreamy pictures through the “tiny eye”.

Dirmon uses negative paper film shoots one photo at a time. The name Dirkon is a play on words based on the combination of the parts of two words: It may not be the most practical of devices, but it works!

Camera: Dirkon Pinhole Camera · Lomography

You will also be receiving the weekly Dorkon Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams. Dirk- is the beginning of the Czech word dirka — pinhole, and -kon is the end of the name of a well-known Japanese camera.


Huawei Pay mobile payment service for United States. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here We got the chance to talk to Jenny about the movie and Christopher also shared some film photos of the main lead Angela, taken with the LC-Wide, Fisheye and the Lomokino cameras.

By Phillip Torrone Phillip Torrone.

In the meantime, keep making stuff! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: During the s, magazines published in Communist Czechoslovakia were controlled by the state, like the majority of other enterprises.

Or the guts from an old digicam? This is a really cool project! Notify me of new comments via dirkom.

Dirkon – The Paper Camera []

The Dirkon, a paper camera kit, was distrubuted through a magazine during a time when publications were controlled by the state. Very few good magazines were available and were difficult to get hold of, so people would borrow and exchange them when given the opportunity. If you know your history, you would be able to tell that the camera is from the distant past.

Camers is pretty cool. We were supposed to meet on the main railway station Hauptbahnhof.

So he got hold of an old copy of ABC and set to work. Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Honor 6C Didkon surfaces. I wonder if this idea could be extended to making a simple old movie camera like a Bolex the Dolex? Dirkon – Extra instructions It is very important to print the cut-out to the correct size, i.


The name Dirkon is a play on words based on durkon combination of the parts of two words: Newsletter Stay inspired, keep making. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

It took me about 6 hours construction time. A fully functional paper pinhole camera from Communist Czechoslovakia is revisited by an English student. Eirkon the paper camera: Subscribe to Make Magazine Today!

the dirkon paper camera

You are commenting using your WordPress. Looks pretty good, although not really sure of the use besides novelty.

Definitely going to have to try this out this weekend when I get a bit of free time. The site has a gallery, instructions, tips and printable templates to make your own.

Dirkon-ized Leica M3

This shows you can make a pinhole camera with some style. Take your lenses off as we celebrate World Pinhole Day! If anyone is interested in other paper projects you can print out, try http: