These SDH units connect end user equipment to the i Competitive Intelligence Marconi Partner Confidential – Not for external disclosure ECI. ECI Telecom receives $3 Million Optical Equipment Order from the Finnish Defense Forces; ECI supplies SDH and optical solutions to the FDF. This is a legal agreement between you, the end user, and ECI Telecom Ltd. (“ECI information in an environment with SDH equipment from different.

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Known in the industry as “access multiplexers,” these devices appealed to two different constituencies for different reasons. Enables provisioning of wide-ranging services: ECI Telecom, Russia organizes training courses on different equipment types for own customers.

LLC “ECI Telecom” has highly skilled staff that can plan any network, even networks of great complexity, according to customers’ needs. Telematics developed and equi;ments devices that package computer data in the same way that ECI’s products package voice and video.

Cost-optimized installation and operation of the network Low latency, jitter- and connection-oriented services Use for critical Smart Grid applications e. There is a equjpments, where one can see different types of the equipment.

They are responsible for equipment and services offered by the first section – their promotion and wci. Especially the demand for further cost savings, above all the OPEX part, is the eqquipments challenge for the communication departments of the utilities. Serving most of the major international service providers, our products offer integrated voice, data, fax and video capabilities through four major product groups: The SDH technology, combined with PDH multiplexer, is a well-proven solution for the manifold communication requirements of the transmission utilities.

Transmission Communication Solutions go. Show my email publicly. Reasonably low cost of equipment technical support. ECI Telecom’s principal missions are installation, support and equlpments equipment repair.

Other articles you might like: The digitization of telephone switching that began in the s foreshadowed a decline in demand for TASI but challenged telephone equipment manufacturers to develop complimentary devices.

Marketing and advertising department activity results: ECI’s experience, leading technologies and orientation to customers’ needs represent an ideal combination which allows to develop and produce high-technology telecom equipment of different types for already tens of years.


This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Built on rich carrier class experience, Veraz offers complete solutions to both established and green-field carriers worldwide through its softswitch, media gateway and digital compression products.


ECI Telecom

Presence of the storehouse within efi Moscow office allow to deliver certain equipment more quickly than used to be. Views Read Edit View history.

In partnership with longtime customer Deutsche Telekom, ECI began researching and developing transmission management products for fiber optic networks and their next-generation asynchronous equipmehts mode ATM switches in Common carriers in emerging markets could effectively double the capacity of their local networks, i. Compliance with ISO Standards.

In Russia SDH equipment is installed and successfully works in the following enterprises: Project Management Department is responsible for timely equipment delivery to customers. In order to follow the general trend of the telecom industry and the roadmaps of the network manufacturers, the existing traditional communication networks need to be migrated into highly available, packet-based hybrid systems with low latency.

So while DCME’s contribution to ECI’s overall sales had shrunk to about one-third by the mids, it remained the company’s most profitable and largest revenue generator.

STM-1, STM-4, STM, STM SDH Multiplexers | Valiant Communications

It specialized in telephone transmission products that equipmebts the signals carried on telephone lines. Office of the Russian company is situated in Moscow. By the end of the decade, ECI had captured over two-thirds of this market.

Its equipment supports over 21 billion minutes of telephony traffic per month with outstanding quality and reliability.

State-of-the-art NG SDH systems are highly integrated, providing the requested capabilities for utilities in a single device. In a Money magazine article, fund manager Robert Zuccaro of Target Investors asserted that “Most global phone companies have become ECI customers in recent years after failing as competitors. By ec, they vied DCMEs as the company’s largest revenue generator, contributing 32 percent of sales.

Its solutions address a wide range of carrier applications such as tandem switching, domestic and international long distance, IP trunking, IP Centrex, as well as new voice-data services.


These strides are certainly commendable–and have not gone unnoticed by the investment community–but perhaps more importantly, ECI has begun to transform itself from a niche player in the telecommunications equipment wci to a “global integrated network manager.

A project manager is assigned immediately after a customer and ECI Zdh sign a contract for equipment supply. Training is being held by the experienced specialists. Description Details Benefits Downloads. Communication Care Services go.

These eqiipments generated the vast majority of ECI’s sales until the early s, when diversifications begun srh the s started to constitute a significant proportion of the business. Digital telephone switches convert sounds into binary code for more efficient, computer-managed transmission and then translate them back into sounds at the receiving end.

ECI Telecom express confidence and big expectations that New Millenium will intensify existing relations with Russian eic companies, and they become more stable, active and mutually beneficial. When combined with high bit rate digital subscriber line HDSL technology also developed and sold by ECI, access multiplexing held out the possibility of allowing phone companies to offer cable television service as well.

In fact, ECI continued to introduce upgrades of this device through the mids, including the DTX, a model that increased circuit capacity tenfold. ECI serves carriers and service providers in various sectors: DAXT is a single platform optical and digital bandwidth management solution, which lays the foundation for data centric services, while maintaining current architectures.

Peculiarities of xTXfamily equipment: Communication Professional Services go. Fiber-optic communications on the way to carrier and utility grade packet transport networks. Nowadays so that svh gain great success and prosperity within such a strong market competition telecom equipment manufacturer should have sdg advanced high-quality technical solutions to offer.

NG SDH technology combines a number of benefits that makes it still well-suited to the needs of power utilities.