One of the welding processes that used in Engineering field is the electrogas welding. There are several types of welding processes similar to. Abstract. Electrogas arc welding (EGW) is used for vertical position welding of sheer strakes and hatch side coamings of container ships because of its higher. (13 mm) could be satisfactorily welded in the vertical position in a single pass. This technique is called electrogas welding (EGW). EGW has enjoyed steady.

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The edges or surfaces of the parts to be joined shall be prepared by oxygen cutting and shall be cleaned of oil, grease, moisture, scale, rust, or other foreign material. The letters “XX” refer to either 6Z, 60, 62, 7Z, 70, 72, and 8Z, 80, and 82 mechanical property designations of Table 7. The weld weldng is protected from atmospheric contamination by a separate shielding gasor by the gas produced by the disintegration of a flux-cored electrode wire.

Check operation of ventilating equipment if used.

Electrogas Welding

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Fit seam per procedure. The moving head variation uses an assembly of an electrode guide tube which travels upwards as the weld is laid, keeping elecfrogas from melting. Finally, excessive restraint is a contributing factor in all occurrences of cracking. A shielding gas is sometimes used, but pressure is not applied. U-shaped brackets shown in Figure 7.


The gas may be provided either from an external source, from a flux-cored electrode or from both the sources. For steel welding, these additional elements include manganese, silicon, and nickel. This long extension is accompanied by resistance heating with consequential higher melting rate. Weld thickness is between 12 mm to eldctrogas mm on steels, titanium and aluminum alloys. Welfing ventilation should be provided, especially when welding with self-shielded flux cored electrodes. However, excessively high voltage may cause the electrode to arc to the joint sidewalls above the molten weld pool, causing unstable operation.

Welding shall be done in the vertical position. Make sure both are in operating condition.

Other flux cored electrodes require an additional external shielding gas normally carbon dioxide, but mixtures of argon and carbon dioxide are also used.

Most of the heat generated in electrogas welding is conducted into the workpieces. References [ edit ] Cary, Howard B.

Electro gas welding

The chemical composition of the filler metal and the base metal especially carbon content and joint restraint also contribute to centerline crack susceptibility. This applies to the EG7X series also.

Generally, repairs will be made with the SMAW process using electrodes appropriate for the base metal and a qualified welding procedure. Speed of vertical travel is a function of deposition rate and need not be specified. Instead, the electrode is fed through a hollow consumable guide tube which extends to about 1 in.

Electrogas welding – Wikipedia

The form factor, as previously noted, is the ratio of the maximum molten pool width gap opening plus sidewall penetration to its maximum depth. In weldments requiring applications are described in some codes.


Turn on oscillator, if used. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This condition increases the tendency for weld elecctrogas which usually occurs at high temperatures in conjunction with or immediately after solidification.

Electrogas welding

In cases where a small weld is desired, and the accessibility exists, finishing in the form of grinding is applied. For structural welding applications a 1: Excessive slag buildup can lead to poor penetration or nonfusion.

Since the electrode extension in EGW is usually 40 mm or upwards, the electrode feed system may include electgogas wire straightener located between the wire reel and the eelding rolls.

Safe Work Procedure Arc Welder. Consumable guide EGW uses relatively simple equipment, as shown in Figure 7. It is easily prevented by using adequate thickness of material on the bottom of the sump, or by attaching a backup plate to the sump. Composition shall be reported; the requirements are those agreed to between the purchaser and supplier. EGW is designed to be continuous from beginning to end. Published hundreds of articles on various engineering topics. The welding power supply shall have a constant current characteristic.

The welding area is fed continuously with a wire [2], which also acts as electrode.