Crowds and Power is a revolutionary work in which Elias Canetti finds a new way of looking at human history and psychology. Breathtaking in its range and. CROWDS AND POWER by. ELIAS CANETTI. Translated from the German by. Carol Stewart. NEW YORK. THE VIKING PRESS. I Essays and criticism on Elias Canetti’s Crowds and Power – Critical Essays.

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Het is voor mij uiteraard onmogelijk om alle facetten van Canetti’s machtsbegrip hier toe te lichten, te powr omdat ik zijn boek nog wel een paar keer zal moeten lezen om alle rijkdom van dit begrip te doorgronden.

E preciso che le due stelle sono per le pagine iniziali, le sole ben fatte e brillanti Massa chiusa,aperta,invisibili, masse aizzate, masse in fuga, fino alla classificazione delle mute, ci siamo, bravo Canetti. The essay then turns to a closer analysis of how the categories of crowds and power are deeply intertwined.

The second half of this book is powerfully insightful. Annd late s he lived in London and Zurich. It was a threat not just to Clinton but to the essential conditions of elected government.

Conversation with Elias Canetti. Volgens mij kun je niet volhouden dat Canetti in “Massa en Macht” de fenomenen “massa” en “macht” op wetenschappelijke wijze heeft geanalyseerd en ontleed.

oower Christianity is a ‘crowd of lament’ for a slain god, and thus one in a line that stretches from the Babylonian cult of Tammuz to the various mysticisms of the Australian aborigines.

En hij maakt daarmee ervaringsintensiteiten voelbaar of zichtbaar die je in een conventionele wetenschappelijke of beschouwelijke tekst niet zult zien.

More literary than scientific, Canetti’s anthropological investigation of crowd behavior will leave you looking both at human behavior and the natural world in new ways. Mi piace qui ricordare il passaggio in cui Poser afferma che “le gocce d’acqua, nell’uomo, suscitano compassione”, ma soprattutto quello in cui, con gran sprezzo del ridicolo, parlando dei ‘simboli delle nazioni’ ci informa che “l’inglese si vede comandante di nave, lo spagnolo matador “.


Account Options Sign in. The most blatant tyranny is the one which asks the most blatant questions. For those contemplating reading, think Roland Barthe, Levi – Strauss, Eliade, Braudel’s annales school or later generation where the focus was more on “mentalities”and maybe a touch of Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale. It feels epic because of the multitudinous stories. Masse und Macht] Elias Canetti Snippet view – Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Crowds and Power Volume of Compass Books. Goes deeper and wider than Hoffer’s “True Believer. The very solemnity with which elections are conducted, argues Canetti, derives from the renunciation of death an instrument of decision. Orders are handed out without people suspecting that they are canftti receiving a death threat. Parliamentary crowds are only possible because the losers in democratic election are not killed or corwds harmed.

La formazione del nazismo secondo Canetti. It’s as illuminating as hell, yet for all of that I cannot muster cxnetti enthusiasm to keep plugging, and I’m itching to frowds on to something else; thus, I’ll shelve it in the old Working Through category canettii finish it off gradually, in bits and pieces.

In this study of the interplay of crowds, Canetti offers one of the most profound and startling portraits of the human condition. View all 27 comments. This could also refer to threats upon huge masses of peopleā€”an example of this could be the constant possibility of natural disasters.

Canetti, Elias + Theodor Adorno: Crowds and Power | Introducing the Frankfurt School

Presentiment and Transformation among the Bushmen. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Canetti’s world is one composed of human groups rather than words, but his achievement is to describe these groups and their dynamics as had never been done before.


In their individuals inwardness, in their emotional life people seem to revert to an archaic stage in which these internalized categories have such a corporal significance that they become fully ellias with them.

Classification of Crowds according to Their Prevailing Emotion. Therefore growth and reproduction is a secondary factor and not primary factor.

Crowds and Power

Even though I did not understand this book entirely, it made a considerable change in my way of thinking and looking at matters concerning not only crowds and power, but also other human activities and behaviors. The End of the Survivor. When he becomes too esoterical and to vague, especially in the last third when taking about mutation etc.

The crowd is a “mysterious and universal phenomenon,” he writes. Breathtaking in its range and erudition, it explores Shiite festivals and the English Civil war, the finger exercises of monkeys and the effects of inflation in Weimar Germany If one approaches this work from the perspective of deeply involved humanness, as literature, rather than austere science with cut and dried methodology, one may come away with a deeper, more comprehensive, and much more circumspect feeling and understanding for the human animal.

Ze ontmaskeren en ontwapenen daarmee ten dele de machthebber tegenover ons en in ons.