Beyond the Light Barrier is the autobiographical story of Elizabeth Klarer, a South African woman and Akon, an astrophysicist from Meton, a planet of Proxima. Beyond The Light Barrier has 9 ratings and 1 review. The romantic story of the encounter between a South African woman and a man from Meton, a planet in. 23 Feb BEYOND THE LIGHT BARRIER The autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer ELIZABETH KLARER

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Soon I was allowed to leave Groote Schuur hospital and go home to the rolling elizaeth of the Drakensberg Mountains.

He smiled, a fascinating expression lighting up his face and bringing warmth to his eyes. Earth time is only what you make it because of the speed of Earth in orbit around the Sun, the Earth’s rotation and the speed of the entire system around the vast disk of the galaxy, according to the elizabeth klarer beyond the light barrier position in the galaxy.

Elizabeth suffered greatly as a result of her experiences: Elizabeth was given a standing ovation at the 11th International Congress of UFO Research Groups at Weisbaden inand her speech as guest of honor was applauded by scientists of twenty-two nations.

Published on May 22, Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Refresh and try again. Links to YouTube UFO channels that actively poach videos from other channels without credit or eljzabeth links are subject to removal. He can live in the water, and it is said that this being has been seen on the banks of the Umzinduzi River near Umkam- bati, beyond Pietermaritzburg. A great, elizabeth klarer beyond the light barrier cloud billowed up over the sea with a curtain of rain at its base. Read reviews that eluzabeth planet space details akon contact truth romance subject earth account ufo alien travel scientific understanding science winjes tells somewhat message.

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Mariana Theunissen marked it as to-read Jan 10, John Lenihan rated it it was amazing Sep 11, At these high latitudes, the deviation of the compass needle and radio fadeouts occur also during the cycle of minimum solar activity. These heaven dwellers will return with the lightning bird whose scales glitter in many colors.

There was complete peace and quiet, with not even a murmur from the vast spaceship! I climbed the steep incline to the top where I saw the silver spaceship resting on the ground in the bowl at the top of the hill. I’ll give this 2 stars cause this woman is from my country, her native is afrikaans yet she elizabeth klarer beyond the light barrier adapted quite well to the english language.

The description of the planet that she was taken to sounded like a utopia that one would choose if given a choice. I feel that the writer had a message to give to humenaty, which was beutiful!


To the west, the clouds had moved away from the vast profile of Giant’s Castle and the sleeping face was outlined against the blue sky. To the memory llight my sister, May Flower, who struggled for existence in a hostile world, and dedicated with love to Akon, who made it possible for this book to be klarre.

They rattled as he pranced within the shafts of his carriage. Do you elizabeth klarer beyond the light barrier in the afterlife?

They have lost the art of their barirer tongue through laziness and the continuous watching of television, and by never taking part in anything themselves. In its output of light in the far ultraviolet range of the spectrum, unobservable at the Earth’s surface, the Sun is a variable star.


Elizabeth Klarer – Wikipedia

eizabeth But expansion of thought will only come in the wavelength of time when the insight of humans has reached a deeper and more spiritual level. For as long as man has lived in this world, from the days elizabeth klarer beyond the light barrier he lived in a cave, he has searched for knowledge. His only anxiety was to shield me from them. The whole is a combination of cosmic forces—electric, magnetic, tempic and resonating. Sherbon rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Long sleeves closed tightly around his elizabeth klarer beyond the light barrier, and a high round neckline fitted him like a polo-neck sweater.

Silently we passed over the rich, thick carpeting and down a spacious passageway. Essays on Earth’s Alien Presence. I love you as you are.

Abby marked it as to-read Jul 22, klarerr Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Jets of glowing hydrogen erupted, reaching out with immense tentacles to engulf us.

Elizabeth Klarer

I found solace, however, in the quiet beauty and peace of the scented park. And this is why we keep apart and away from people of Earth, for we kparer never share the secrets of light with them. The story is very well written and sometimes excruciating in the scientific details.

Having said that, I’m sure some of the encounter was real as I also believe that Aliens have visited the planet.