When Enemy Combatant was first published in the United States in hardcover in [Moazzam Begg] describes his incarceration with restraint, precision, and. Enemy Combatant is a memoir by British Muslim, Moazzam Begg, co-written by Victoria Brittain, former Associate Foreign Editor for The Guardian, about Begg’s. Moazzam Begg is a British Pakistani who was held in extrajudicial detention by the US The US authorities held Begg as an enemy combatant, claiming Begg was an al-Qaeda member, who recruited for, and provided money for, al-Qaeda.

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Enemy Combatant (book) – Wikipedia

Here, for the first time, is a powerful and moving story from the other side, the first detainee’s account of life inside the notorious prison. It is considered a sin in Islam to despair. On 11 Januarythe British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw announced that, after “intensive and complex discussions” between his government and the US, the remaining four British nationals in Guantanamo Bay would be returned “within weeks”.

Retrieved 3 July Speaking of the detention comhatant guards she says eneky best parts of Begg’s book are those which humanise these operatives and attempt to understand their confusion and corruption. They were both huge, obese, in the style of New York street cops. He has toured as a speaker about his time in detention facilities, calling the British response to terrorism racistand disproportionate to anti-terror measures and legislation during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

I never saw any of them ever again. Begg says that he was abused by guards at Bagram, and saw two detainees beaten to death. Basic rights of due process – presumption of innocence, access to lawyers and courts, extradition proceedings, etc – went out of the window for Moazzam Begg and thousands of others. Retrieved 28 November We are in a Matrix and have to make an effort to seek information outside main spheres of information.


For a while, my interrogations seemed less crude and cruel. While his good guys are not mine–he’s a little easy on the Taliban, I would koazzam devastating account of This is is a firsthand account of a British Muslim’s imprisonment in Afghanistan and then Guantanamo.

Observer review: Enemy Combatant by Moazzam Begg | Books | The Guardian

This is a very important book; This book shows how little the American intelligence really knows about the Islamic movements. Trivia About Enemy Combatant. Moazzam Begg Moazzam Begg. Views Read Edit View history. Surely they won’t execute? Were you planning to assassinate?

It was a huge disused factory, a relic of the former Soviet Union’s ambitions, when it was the enemy of both Islam and the west. The US authorities held Begg as an enemy combatantclaiming Begg was an al-Qaeda member, who recruited for, and provided money for, al-Qaeda training camps, and himself trained there to fight US or allied troops.

Begg was finally moved to Afghanistan first to Kandahar moazza then to Bagram from where he was flown to Guantanamo Bay. Quotes from Enemy Combatant. People began to sing spontaneously, or to recite poetry. It must have been several minutes before he spoke.

But I couldn’t see the connection between me, in shackles here in Bagram, and some obscure mosque in West Yorkshire that I’d never heard of. Once they kept me from sleeping for about two days and two nights.

Begg is, by other accounts, a reasonable and charming man, and was a model prisoner who got along with several of his guards. View all 3 comments. For one, you really feel like you’ve gained a friend in him by reading the book. It was so eneny – finally I’d met my unseen companion of two years.

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I was elated for them; but it was mozzzam clear that I was not going with them. Soberly written but long winded at times. Shackled and hooded, I arrived in Bagram from Kandahar in springhoping I was prepared for the worst – whatever that might be.

I didn’t know what I was expecting, but it was not this. Retrieved 17 November He shares his only sense of reality and some constellation was when he was allowed to write to his wife.

My years in captivity

Suicide attempts Quran desecration controversy Boycott of military tribunals Former captives alleged to have re joined insurgency Hunger strikes Force feeding Homicide accusations Juvenile prisoner Seton Hall reports. Begg documents with painful detail his tribulations, for they were many, and his final determination This one of those books that highlights the whole stupidity of the US response to the 11th of September attack on the World Trade Centre in New York.

Or you should be treated like POWs. The cooked breakfast was revolting. If you believe that all lives of all people everywhere are just as good as American lives, you will want to read this book. Apr 29, Irfan rated it really liked it Shelves: In JulyBegg wrote a letter saying he combahant not tortured in Guantanamo, though the conditions were “torturous”. This was his new home, his new place for interrogation.

There are two ways to read the book: Moazzam Begg is witty and intelligent, being in solitary confinement didnt harm him much.