Application of EPRI Report NP on the Utilization of Commercial Grade Items”]. Commercial Grade Item (CGI) – A structures, systems, and components. of EPRI Report NP on the Utilization of Commercial Grade Items are recognized in the nuclear industry as the standard documents regarding the purchase. Electric Power Research Institute, “Guidelines for the Utilization of Sampling Plans The acceptance process outlined in EPRI NP essentially requires the.

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How do we carry out nuclear component engineering? Thanks to our broad presence across the sector we are technologically independent when compared to other suppliers.

The objective of component engineering is to provide highly technological products and services to guarantee the structural integrity and improve the functionality epdi electricity plants.

Screen for Dedication Eligibility. We have established the nuclear quality assurance program, and achieved and kept the electric power industry technology standard, KEPIC-EN certificate, and also secured supplier qualification including Commerical Grade Item Dedicationone of the items of the various nuclear safety class Q Class. Where is the purchase agency? It can be downloaded from the link below: Technical Evaluation is a process to define critical characteristic by analyzing function of the item and the pattern of the breakdown.

Download NRC Letter here. CGID Supplier registration to customer. Monitoring and optimizing the system and component status, minimizing the effects of ageing, wear and tear etc. You can always perform full CGD of the items, but this guidance allows the OEM to perform an acceptance process that is appropriate based on the advantages that the OEM has in regards to controlling the drawings and commercial process and receiving additional feedback from hp uses of the items.

As the standardized products for the safety equipment installation corresponds to the safety class item, Commerical Grade Item Dedication CGD and the supplying of the standardized goods, nuclear quality assurance n; and Commerical Grade Item Dedication procedure have to be established, and technological manpower including recognized expert, related organization, and Commerical Grade Item Dedication qualification result have to be prepared and registered for supplier in accordance with KHNP, procedure, and nuclear power equipment, supplier evaluation of the manufacturing company.


If necessary, the test is often requested to the agency outside and than, Woori Technology Quality Management team manage the agency. Designing detail acceptance method. And we will provide speedy and creditworthy Commerical Grade Item Dedication service that beyond compare with reasonable price.

Component Engineering Technology that optimises the operation and maintenance processes of fossil-fuel power plants.

The process is complete when all critical characteristics are verified and the item is designated for use as a basic component. The world is immersed in a technological revolution based on the management, use and Information Connect with Tecnatom. What is component engineering? Procurement Control – procurement document and Supply Chain control. Where is the test for the epdi item performed?

Quality Dedication Research and Business Team. So, we have pn the whole Commerical Grade Item Dedication process including part purchase through supplier registration of the nuclear power equipment manufacturing company client company and secured qualification and capacity to supply validated product Dedicated CGI.

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You can purchase it in person at the client company or through supplier traceability management process with purchase management and forgery eprk of Woori Technology Inc. Dedication maintenance respondence, records and traceability. Is the Commercial grade the Quality of verification can not ….

The component engineering carried out by Tecnatom is geared towards: As far as the dedication process goes, the requirements for it are somewhat loose. Guaranteeing the reliability of the equipment ensuring that they comply with their security functions even in the most n of situations.

The 5625 and implementation of programs aimed at increasing the efficiency, performance and reliability of components. As a side note, if a quality program follows NQA-1, the section for Basic Requirement 7 includes requirements for Commercial Grade Dedication which differ based on the edition followed.

When the item is decided, technical evaluation and suitability verification methods are designed in the Woori Technology laboratory.

How the Commercial grade supplier and the third verification….

We will provide creditworthy Commerical Grade Item Dedication with technology manpower including recognized expert of Commerical Grade Item Dedication qualification and QDR team by supporting or performing. The development and adaptability epfi component maintenance strategies.


Where is Commercial grade the Quality of verification instit…. Aimed at providing a comprehensive vision of service inspections which are critical for the efficient management of electricity plants, as well as for their safety. Woori Technology proceeds Quality of verification in the capacity of Commercial grade supplier.

Epfi integrated inspection services include the latest technology and are essential to guarantee the efficiency of maintenance tasks, permitting the equipment to be inactive for as shorter time as possible.

So the point of the process to select Woori Technology Inc. Tecnatom inaugurates its Monitoring Centre Tecnatom has inaugurated its new monitoring centre to provide monitoring and diagnostic Method 2 survey and 3 source verification – if necessary.

Nutherm International, Inc. – Dedication Services

Our component engineering development aims to improve maintenance tasks, preserve the structural integrity of devices, control their ageing and optimize the general operations of an electricity plant.

Commercial grade dedication is called into existence by 10CFR21both in the definitions and section You have the right to access, correct and remove your data, as well as other rights which are explained in detail in our Privacy Policy.

The supply of machinery and equipment such as valves, engines and shock absorbers. EPRI NP has been revised to make it easier to follow for the performance of commercial grade dedication.

Contact Connect with Tecnatom. The predictive monitoring in Tecnatom The world is immersed in a technological revolution based on the management, use and It can be downloaded from the link below:. Method 2, 3 and 4 – if necessary, survey and source verification.

Delivery CGI and Documents. In Option B, the OEM manufactures commercial parts that are readily available outside of the nuclear industry and the commercial parts go through a final acceptance process when they are ordered as a nuclear safety related part. We are also able to develop alternative compatible replacements via the reparation or updating of the originals, as necessary.