: Basic Manual Of Knife Fighting (): William L. China, under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel William Ewart Fairbairn, then. He is best known as the co-inventor of the famous Sykes-Fairbairn knife. . “Get Tough” manual on martial arts style hand-to-hand fighting that he taught to. Does anyone know any specifics on W.E. Fairbairn’s knife fighting methods? The Fairbairn Manual Of Knife Fighting (Paladin Press).pdf.

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Defendu – Wikipedia

Note – this is “last ditch” advice! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Figthing individuals will never make Knife Fighters.

Arm shoulder high – reverse the hand – back of the hand down.

William E. Fairbairn

Retrieved from ” https: In such unpleasant fjghting, usually played out at the end of an alley or in confinementy, the following guidelines may be of some small value if there is no place to run and no place to hide: Agents were trained in depth to dispose of their enemy quickly and quietly with brutal effectiveness.

For Bill Underwood’s system, see Defendo. Be th i s as it may, we sti ll contend that it shou l d be rep l aced by a we ll ba l anced f i ghting kn i fe. Knife held as in Fig. Based on the above, it can be estimated that it takes one-sixth of a second or less to execute a snap-type knife strike.

He developed his own fighting system — Defendu —and taught it to members of that police force in order to reduce officer fatalities. In the event of being tripped or falling down, you must continue fighting, getting up as guickly as possible and advance until ordered to stop. Pronouncing himself satisfied with the result, firbairn next presented me with his father’s personal edged weapons, prototypes, and service revolver, as well as his father’s personal papers.


Full text of “The Fairbairn Manual Of Knife Fighting”

The former provides power and the latter precision. I teach what is called ‘Gutter Fighting. This permits you to carry out a “follow-through” motion of your arm. This document was written by his father in Note – This closing an relaxing of the grip will become automatic after a very little practice. Fairbairn, OBE, presented me with an unpublished document on the subject of knife fighting.

CarolMay 18, VanCiseAug 6, STand slightly less than arms length and to the right of the object. They found one such edge in Fairbairn’s system.

The day they arrived there was a near riot in the rush to buy them. Fairbairn’s knife fighting methods? Particular care must be paid to this otherwise the tendons of your wrist or arm may be strained. Archived from the original on 3 March He also developed numerous fgihting training courses and police equipment, including a special metal-lined bulletproof vest designed to stop high-velocity bullets from the 7.

This manual describes methods developed faribairn practiced over a number of years and in spite of their un-orthodoxy, they have stood up to the practical test during World War II in the Far East and elsewhere, and becomes a “must” book for all men serving in the Armed Forces.

This is the time when a well balanced fighting knife, in the hands of a man trained to use it scientifically, becomes the most deadly weapon it is possible to have. Assuming you are fighting with a knife against a knife, it is wise to never lower the arms below the mwnual or raise them above the shoulders.

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Whip the forearm out towards the right, to the full extentent of the arm. I make special note of the author’s excis i ons and additions.

Someone on MT suggested this: Rickmansworth msnual, HertfordshireEngland, UK. Whip the knife to the left and then continue as in Para.

When I joined the Special Training Centre of the British Commandosthe Authorities did not recognize a fighting knife as part of the equipment of the Fighting Services. That decided me to cut the un- armed combat Judo and pass on to the Knife Fighting. This assumes an average speed of 32 feet per second and a total distance of 62 inches.

Together with Eric A. Army studied under Fairbairn.

ww2 Fairbairn knife fighting

Here is a link to the Get Tough book in pdf http: This is a precautionary measure during the initial training of a recruit, in case he should loose his grip of the knife.

The Student should be briefed as follows: Archived from the original on July 14, Our answer to that is: On the command GO you will draw your knife and fakrbairn at the run in the direction indicated.

In addition, there are times when it would be inadvisable to fire a pistol, [ or other f i rearm ] on account of raising an alarm.