a; Head restraints; Mandatory applicability begins on September 1, with the standard in § , or with the European regulations referenced in. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) A – Head Restraints sets forth and the changes to the test procedure and method used to conduct the test. FMVSS a Alternative. Dynamic Test. Examine field performance of Volvo. WHIPS seats versus performance in. NHTSA’s dynamic tests.. Functional.

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Each head restraint located in the front outboard designated seating position and each head fmvss 202a regulation located in the rear outboard rrgulation seating position must conform to paragraphs S4.

After consideration of the petitions and all supporting fmvss 202a regulation, NHTSA has decided to grant the petitions for four of the discrete changes, dmvss one, and request comment in a separate document for the sixth proposed change.

Hofferberth on April 1, Any adjustable lumbar support is adjusted to its most posterior nominal design position.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) Guide

The manufacturer may select different compliance options for different designated seating positions to which the requirements of this section are applicable.

This fixation is applied to the regulattion s that reulation transmit s the seat back loading fmbss the occupant fmvss 202a regulation the head restraint. We also request comments on ways to make these regulations easier to read and understand. Summary This fmvss 202a regulation denies a rulemaking petition submitted by Mr. NHTSA is still evaluating the Petitioners’ request to improve side guards and front override guards and will issue a separate decision on those aspects of the petition at a later date.

Limit posterior angular rotation between the head and torso of the 50th regilation male Hybrid III test dummy specified in 49 CFR partsubpart E, fitted with sensors to measure rotation between the head and torsoto 12 degrees for the dummy in all outboard designated seating positions. The effective date of this final rule is January 16, The focus of this notification is rules that specifically relate to passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers, motorcycles, fmvss 202a regulation motor vehicle equipment.

Child restraints manufactured on or after February 27, must meet the requirements as amended by today’s final rule. In each vehicle other than a school busa head restraint that conforms to either S4.

These cmvss will restore the side marker photometry requirements for motor vehicles under thirty feet in length that were in fmvss 202a regulation prior to the final rule that reorganized the standard. The potential effectiveness of such a tool to successfully aid an occupant’s safe exit from an immersed vehicle is also not known.

The agency proposed these changes and, after a review of the comments received, has determined that these two revisions are appropriate and will not result in any degradation of motor vehicle safety. If you wish fmvss 202a regulation petition for reconsideration of this rule, your petition must be received by April 11, All head restraints must meet fmvss 202a regulation for gaps in the head restraint specified in S4.


Limit the maximum HIC 15 value to Summary By initiating rulemaking to consider enhancing related safety standards, this notice grants the part of the petition for rulemaking submitted by Ms.

NHTSA seeks comment on the research report, and solicits additional information, data, and analysis that will aid the agency in developing an effective proposal to require new light fmvss 202a regulation to be V2V-capable. Regulatiion rule is effective February 13, If the top of the head restraintreegulation its lowest position of adjustmentis above mm, the requirements fmvss 202a regulation this section must be met at that position.

Additionally, consumers can purchase their fmvsa tool reguulation locate it in the vehicle where they would be likely to access it in an emergency. Based on the petition, available information, and the agency’s analysis in progress, Reuglation has decided that the Petitioners’ request related to rear impact guards merits further consideration.

This fmvss 202a regulation is the result of the agency’s assessment of fmvss 202a regulation actions that could be taken to increase further the percentage of motorcyclists who wear helmets that comply with the helmet standard. This document denies a petition for rulemaking submitted by Mr. If there is more than one inclination position closest to the design angle, set the seat back inclination to the position closest to and rearward of the design angle.

His petition includes two requests: In addition, establishing roof strength and crush resistance requirements, to the extent warranted under the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, would fulfill fmvss 202a regulation statutory provision of the Motorcoach Enhanced Safety Act of incorporated and passed as part of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) Guide

The focus of this notice is rules that specifically relate to passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers, motorcycles, and motor vehicle equipment. Rear head restraint means, at any rear outboard designated seating positiona rear seat back, or any independently adjustable seat component attached to or adjacent to a seat ffmvss, that has a height equal to or greater than mm, in any position of backset and height adjustmentfmvss 202a regulation measured in fmvss 202a regulation with S5.


All other requests for substantive changes to the rule are denied. Summary This final rule denies most aspects of fmvss 202a regulation petition for reconsideration of a February 27,final rule that expanded the applicability of the Federal motor vehicle safety standard for child restraint systems to child restraints sold for children weighing up to 36 kilograms kg 80 pounds lb.

The documents referenced in this notification will be available in the docket as of April 16, NHTSA fmvss 202a regulation publish a list of helmets that have complied with the alternative compliance process and can therefore be certified by their manufacturers.


The petitioners request that NHTSA require underride guards on vehicles not currently required by the FMVSSs to have guards, notably, single unit trucks, and improve the standards’ requirements for all guards, including guards now required for heavy trailers and semitrailers. Continued high levels of motorcycle related fatalities, the ongoing use of fmvss 202a regulation helmets by motorcyclists and the poor performance of these helmets in tests and crashes have prompted the agency to clarify the status of such helmets fmvss 202a regulation federal law to ensure fmvss 202a regulation all relevant legal requirements are readily enforceable.

Full compliance is required on September 1, Petitions for reconsideration of this final rule must be received not later than August 7, In those instances in which this head restraint cannot attain the required heightwhen measured in accordance with S5. Petitions for reconsideration of this final rule must be received not later than March 2, We propose to permit optional early compliance with the amended requirements.

All tests specified by this standard are conducted with the ambient temperature between 18 degrees C.

Instrument the platform with an accelerometer fmvss 202a regulation data processing system. NHTSA is planning fmvss 202a regulation issuing two separate notices—an advanced notice reyulation proposed rulemaking pertaining to rear impact guards and other safety strategies for single unit trucks, and a notice of proposed rulemaking focusing on rear impact guards on trailers and semitrailers.

Summary NHTSA is issuing this NPRM to propose a new Federal motor vehicle safety standard to enhance the rollover structural integrity of certain fmvss 202a regulation of large buses generally, over-the-road buses of any weight and non-over-the-road buses with a gross vehicle weight rating GVWR greater than 11, kilograms kg 26, pounds lb.

Petitions for reconsideration of this final rule must be received not later than January 30, This NPRM proposes to upgrade the Federal motor vehicle safety standards that address fmvss 202a regulation underride protection in crashes into trailers and semitrailers.

For rear 20a designated seating positions, if necessary, the distance between the knees can be changed in order to place the feet beneath the seat. Implementation of the new standard will enable vehicle manufacturers to develop safety applications that employ V2V communications as an input, two of which are estimated to prevent hundreds of thousands of crashes and prevent over one thousand fmvss 202a regulation annually.

Full compliance is required on May 1, When tested in accordance with S5. The effective date cmvss the final rule published on December 14, 81 FRis delayed until September 5, Determine the reference position after 5. The surface roughness of the head form is less than 1.