Welcome! Learn more about spotted hyenas, ‘paleo’ diet and life, humans as hunters, and the world of “The Gnoll Credo”, and come talk about it in the forums. The Gnoll Credo has ratings and 20 reviews. Arnstein said: A short book which is at different times: (a) an anthropological study of hyainamorph anth. The Gnoll Credo is a novella which is a thinly disguised polemic about the need for humans to recognise their true nature as hunters and what.

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Stanton uses the book to create a brilliant contrast to the human consumerism and unhappiness we are surrounded by.

Thirdly, the book, like any book or movie about a white man who goes out into the wilderness to spend time with a native woman, has him idealizing the heck out of the native culture without having to deal with its harsh realities first-hand. Then you might read it. Refresh and try again.

The Gnoll Credo : J. Stanton :

Gregg Dinino rated it liked it Jun 19, Because if there were, someone might have risked a violent and painful death to find them, study them, “We are born and we die. This is why crddo laugh. Really liked this one Nov 18, Arnstein Pettersen rated it it was amazing Shelves: There is a neighbouring kingdom called Odene, the Ghamor Desert lies somewhere within the dukedom of Sostis, and somewhere goll resides the Goidelic people s. I’ll be interested to see what Stanton comes out with next.

The second mind is that of the hominid that left the trees to hunt the antelopes and the zebra in order to sate this hunger for meat, this is the mindset of the gnoll. Secondly, the story is rather stereotypical: For pure entertainment purposes it isn’t a terrible book, but expect to be preached to for not living your life differently.

Popular covers see all 6 covers. In Australia or New Zealand? Nov 02, Mlandez rated it liked it.

I guess I just can’t get behind the ideas of anyone who see cultures that lack the basics of civilization as somehow superior to civilizations where we can actually cure diseases and such.

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There were several anachronisms in the book, which confused the hell out of me as to their significance, and the author’s disparaging remarks to religion might drive some people away from the point he’s trying to make.

At first, I figured that it would be a subtle gonll world, gonll with which I have no problems. It could have used an editor to point out all these “little” problems and where the book just didn’t work, but since this is self-published from what I can tell, I am sure the author didn’t anyone’s opinion.

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The Gnoll Credo by Josh Stanton

I too thoroughly enjoyed this book, but found the book confusing at times. The Gnoll Credo by Josh Stanton. May 13, Shawn rated it really liked it. It felt like there were gaps in the story towards the end. Don’t wear your good clothes.

Crdeo text argues that those who chose the road of the gnoll, the predator, will eventually eat those who chose to return to being tree dwelling prey — in short, the road of the predator is the right one. Not recommended for those who aren’t interested or have any inkling to discover the road of evolution. Expecting yet another simple ynoll brutal primitive tribe, he finds instead a complex society of matriarchal, pack-hunting predators hnoll a stark and beautifully bleak philosophy of existence.

Mar 17, Neghar Fonooni rated it it was amazing.

The Gnoll Credo

Baker, ‘Playing Gnolls’, in Dragonp. No trivia or quizzes yet. The fictional anthropological style is definitely this novel’s strongest point. Nick Lascelles rated it it was amazing Feb 15, As a fantasy ecology it ranges amongst the very best I’ve ever come across and this is what I would advertise this as ; as a story it is decent, though with not enough of a plot to shine on its own; as a work of philosophy it could be counted as an interesting thought experiment, but the arguments are too easy to tear apart and the premises are too unclear to be convincing.

Feb 13, Aaron rated it really liked it. The other is Slayer’s Guide to Gnolls A. Jan 09, Henry Barry added it Shelves: Google Books — Loading By removing the notion of their deity and their intelligent, purpose-driven creation, The Gnoll Credo also removed a shackle that has prevented gnolls from shining on their own, replacing it with a freedom of individuality which they had thus far lacked.


Very interesting social commentary on humans and the way in which we “began” and how often we end up like. Aug 23, Sean rated it it was ok Recommended to Sean by: Sell that ‘enchanted’ sword and come join the hyena-people. Firstly, the world in which the book is set confuses me.

No one cares, no one remembers, and it doesn’t matter. This is why we laugh. This lack of a different fantasy setting may be enough to deter some readers, but the real deterrence may be in the actual writing. Stanton shares a glimpse of a some harsh realities and maybe even a reason to hope. I understand the allegory of gnolls as people living up to their full potential, but didn’t really understand the usefullness of the last chapter, especially as it applies to the theme of the overall book.

It really confused me that the book’s world would be so different from ours and yet contain contemporary references. Between their many conversations, across years, a mutual fascination emerges, eventually leading to a close friendship.

No library descriptions found. Jan 31, Crddo Brannigan rated it really liked it Shelves: Good plot but the author jumps around in the second half and becomes more vulgar gonll he ran out of thought provoking content. Also available at Barnes and Nobleand sometimes Amazon though Amazon continues to have stocking issues.

The manifesto is linked to the dietary principles of the paleo diet, which the author adheres to, and it seems that he wants the gnoll to be a kind of poster child or ideal in that regard.