Description. Book: Heer Waris Shah Writer: Syed Waris Shah Publisher: Language: Punjabi To buy a hard copy please directly contact Author or Publisher. A Brief Biography of Waris Shah · Summary of Heer in English · Heer Waris Shah · The World of Waris Shah – Najam Hussain Syed · The Idea of Country in Heer. Heer is the supreme achievement not only of the poet but also of Punjabi poetry. Waris Shah is a model poet who inspired and guided generations of Punjabi.

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Heer Waris Shah

Waria certain degree of stark realism has prevented if from becoming dated. All those who wish to enjoy him, heer waris shah poetry in punjabi search for him in his Heer. Due to the mood in which Waris Shah wrote his poetries he recognized as the Shakespeare of Punjabi language.

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The mausoleum complex was completed in and is a mixture of the Lahore School of Architecture and Tughlaq Architecture. Sindhi is such a sweet language, I love to read the poetry by Sindhi language with the help of this source.

High Romance and Tragedy. Heer waris shah poetry in punjabi thing, about which there is no dispute between Punjabis across the borders, is their love, affection, regard and respect for Waris Heer waris shah poetry in punjabi. Waris Shah Poetry – One of the greatest poets of Punjab region in era of 17th century Waris Shah renowned for his wide contribution to Punjabi literature. Waris spent years in search of the perfect spiritual guide.


Hs witty, humorous, satirical and sarcastic musings and phrases full of poetic beauty have become quotations in Punjabi lexicon. In his poetry he tried to express his love for GOD. His minute and realistic depiction of each detail of Punjabi life and the political situation in the 18th century, remains unique and the entire poem is an album of colourful shan enchanting pictures of life in the Punjab, of varied views but always deeply absorbing.

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Here he resided in a small room, adjacent to a historic mosque now called Masjid Waris Shah, until his death. Waris Shah is a model poet who inspired and guided generations of Punjabi poets belonging to the medieval as well as modern period. Pakistan’s river of love including many pictures of Chenab heer waris shah poetry in punjabi “. Kabir, Karachi on Apr, 18 By using the metre Baint, Waris has opened a new way heer waris shah poetry in punjabi reciting his poem.

What surprises the reader is his range of emotions and feelings. Heer Ranjha is the great fiction of Waris Shah, who really give true heeg to the fictional story of Punjab. The known and popular fold sayings and aphorisms are skilfully woven heef the fabric of his verse.

In poeetry tradition of Punjabi Qissa poetry the arrival of Waris Shah was an epoch making event, which changed the status, tone and tenor of Punjabi poetry. Waris’s parents are said to have died when he was young.

HEER WARIS SHAH : FROM PUNJABI KAVITA : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Whatever be the conclusion of the critics, they are unanimous in their verdict that Waris Shah is the first secular poet of Punjab who sang full-throatedly about Punjab and Punjabiat and left a writing which is the soulful passionate saris of the Punjabi psyche, culture and poety. The legend of Heer- Ranjha.


Some have interpreted this poem from heer waris shah poetry in punjabi Marxist point of view whereas others have analysed it from Freudian the angle. This page was last edited on 29 Mayat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Famous Poets View more.

Retrieved 29 May After this great achievement, it became a tradition in Punjabi poetry that every budding and aspiring poet had to reproduce, in poetic form, the story of Heer and Ranjha so as to establish his poetic credentials but every poet accepted the superiority and nobility of Waris and poeetry him as a model and an ideal.

Follies and foibles of social life are also focused upon.

Retrieved from ” https: He is also well versed in Hindu tradition and folk-lore. He exposed the heer waris shah poetry in punjabi of the priests, the Balnath sect of yogis, besides being critical of the caste system and the hheer of men and wwaris. One can say that he is the most unique poet ever produced in Punjabi literature. As a bard of high order, his other achievements are his command over language and his encyclopaedic knowledge of the contemporary social scene.

Waris Shah is at his best when he describes the scenes of separation, details of beauty, graces of nature, human feelings and sentiments. Waris Shah Poetry Videos View more.

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