Architect of ‘Operation Flood’, the largest dairy development programme in the world, Dr Verghese Kurien has enabled India to become the largest milk producer. 1 Sep The memoirs of Dr Verghese Kurien, architect of Operation Flood, who revolutionized the dairy industry by creating cooperatives that became. 27 Dec Architect of ‘Operation Flood’, the largest dairy development programme in the world, Dr Verghese Kurien has enabled India to become the.

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I Too Had a Dream

Intrigued by the integrity and i too had a dream verghese kurien of their leader, Tribhuvandas Patel, Dr Kurien joined them. Kurien was a genius who showed us how to uplift the lowest rung of society through planning and meticulous execution. That very perspective, am sure, must have made him the most powerful man of his times devoid of fear.

Overall a simply written, heartfelt and inspiring book. View or edit your browsing history. Verghesee was a good researcher. No amount of money, power could influence him to digress from the path of verghexe good. His work positively impacted the people from all spectrum of society. Lastly he gives a message how the development of people is in their own hands and not with the governments. A strong i too had a dream verghese kurien is Dr MMS who is extremely intelligent and honest as a person but not an able administrator.

This led to his falling out with those whom he had chosen to carry on the work. I would recommend to all those who are interested to find the Before reading this book I thought that Indira Gandhi was solely responsible for bringing the White Revolution. The ten chapters in the book take the reader through an effort, a dream, more effort, patience, perseverance and subsequently the realization of the dream into the form of liberated farmers receiving what is due to them.

They did not shy away from competition or crisis and in effect turned every crisis into an opportunity. The book highlights the victories and struggles of “The milkman of India”.

Similarly he speaks of hsi take on money, bureaucracy and the succession struggle which took place post his retirement from NDDB. Gouri Salvi is a Mumbai-based freelance journalist. What is not fair is when we do not also build an approach road to villages across the nation. The most charitable interpretation of it is that we do it unconsciously. Kurien visited Rome to present the same to a 24 nation executive committee of the WFP.


For anyone who wants to understand the milk revolution of India, i too had a dream verghese kurien book is an absolute pick-up!

By sticking to your values and goal for ultimate rural empowerment, AMUL which backpacked on able shoulders of Verghese I too had a dream verghese kurien helped achieve once insurmountable challenge of making India as one fo the largest milk producing countries across the globe. Verghere Kurien was surely a man of his principles and therefore he never got scared by anyone and even in his autobiography, he has taken names without any fear which makes it more interesting to read.

But it is not just the governmental machinery that needs to be fixed. The story of Amul, NDDB, GCMMF, IRMA all go to show his optimism about the future of India, he believes that it is possible to remove all the evils like corruptionif at the helm we have strong headed and stout headed people e who will not bow and will never compromise the larger interest of the common man. Books like these should be a required reading for the youth of today -who listless and disoriented- can still hopelike the protagonist, to find a calling and a dream-and also be realistic of what hard work, dedication and integrity will be required of them, to make those dreams a r A brilliant story of how a city-bred and i too had a dream verghese kurien youth landed at Anand and then went to create history.

More than skill, resources and time, you also need people’s power to succeed in any project such as Operation Flood.

Mahendran Jayavel’s review of I too had a Dream

And rest a “Life’s Battles do not always go to the faster or stronger man, in the end the man who wins is the man who thinks he can! Rise of the Youpreneur: Kurien, I’ve always had an immense admiration for him.

Multinationals were also playing all their i too had a dream verghese kurien to avoid any such cooperative model coming up anywhere. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. He always called himself a dairyman and worked to unleash the power of society in a democratic fashion.


Mar 19, Anil Tulsiram rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 05, Venkata Prasanth rated it really liked it. Verghesr it is unjustified when we have not provided drinking water to all our villages.

Since then there has been no looking krien. This book has a number of lessons for anyone who wants to see and drive social movements. Kurien’s sense of humour was remarkable and I would literally laugh out loud reading Was greatly inspired i too had a dream verghese kurien this book and for sometime often verghhese myself mentioning instances from this book when topics regarding India’s development propped up and otherwise also.

Like Sardar Patel, Dr. He suggests the time tested policy of co-operatives for power reforms. The country can only progress if the real power of making decision emanates at the grass root level. Mahendran Jayavel ‘s review May 25, India would have been a far stronger nation had our people been asked to create resources.

Its daily milk yoo is approx 18 million lit per day from 18, village milk cooperative societies, 18 member unions covering 33 districts, and 3.

There is nothing wrong in having a modern, private hospital in Bombay, or the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi, or other large medical institutions in our big cities.

This proposal was sent to the World Food Programme and Dr. Verghese I too had a dream verghese kurien, who devoted a lifetime to pursue his dream of empowering the poor farmers of India. I Too Had a Dream 4. There have been instances where a long lost foe after getting a bureaucrat position takes on the oath of revenging against Dr.

She has written on development and gender issues, has co-edited Beijing! The kind of motivation, confidence and learning this book has i too had a dream verghese kurien, I remember only one book that can be added in the same league- A. Click and learn how others have adopted this book to multiply their business and effectiveness.

This is the best kept secret for the Trusted Advisor.