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Brancel also mentioned that he carried a bias experience. By then, much of the damage done over previous decades to the prestige of the colonial administration was already irreversible. And this students have a law that everybody is supposed to pay a head tax when they are sixteen-eighteen years old.

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The Portuguese, instead of negotiating, shot them down and forced them to go back to the fields. They stated that while they were practicing, the Portuguese were preaching. In this way, we watch the construction of a cultural memory of the Colonial War which … constitutes itself as a multifaceted and multidirectional discursive net rooted in a dimension of contemporaneity.

The flip of that coin came when the political situation in Portugal changed after the overthrowing of the Republican government in The missions were certainly indirectly involved in bringing independence.

He proceeded to tell the following story: So how is it possible for them to finish this first six years of school when they are eighteen? Several internal factors, according to Alexander Keese, contributed to a situation of unsatisfaction amongst the Angolan population. He turned to me and asked: They had no choice.


If they [the Portuguese] would admit that something is wrong and try to do something about it, there might be some hope. They occupied a complex place in the racial and social colonial hierarchy. Fred Brancel interjects with what he thought motivated the Portuguese action.

In Lisbon they were in one prison for about five days and posteriorly moved to another.

LeMaster was stationed at the Quessua mission. They were built with a gorgeous architectural style.

The UN had an alexanxre body which was not allowed into Angola because the Portuguese government would not permit them; however, the UN was able to write a report on the livrk of what they had learned about the current state of Angola from different sources — including missionaries.

When I asked if he saw any type of violence or discrimination, Brancel replied that there was forced labor to do road work, and that forced labor was not uncommon.

He missed half a day. Is there any indication as far as you can see that the communists are behind the scene? Forced labor was abolished in or 3yet, forced labor continued, thereafter.

Fortunately he is still alive and he agreed to receive both me and Maddie in his home where we spent an entire day excavating his memory. Initially, he was stationed in Malanje, however the Portuguese government was threatening to take the church property in a coffee growing area called Dembos. This suggested that some missionaries were more outspoken than others.


The Portuguese were convinced that missionaries were acting as agents of the United States. Brancel still remembers many people in Angola. Consequently, hundreds of missions schools were closed; Teachers and pastors were arrested and sent to the army or to perform forced labor.

Portuguese Studies28 2: The Portuguese officials picked up forty-two African Protestant missionaries and, even after they were released, never announced their release in public. As a result of the beatings, his young brother lkvro up dying.

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Communism, Education and Justice. He also established the secondary education school for training teachers for village work.

I had to report that he was absent. I have some recall that native-Americans were not enjoying equality. The memories of missionaries like Fred Brancel is one more variable that complicates alexanxre relationships; not just between the United States and Angola, between Portugal and Angola, as well.

Eventually Angolans would have to come to the point where Angolans would be able to decide if they want to be independent or become linked to Portugal.

In February, a revolt happened in Luanda in which there is an attempt, without positive results, to overtake the prisons in order to free the political prisoners.