Full text of “M – Machine Gun Manual – TM ” . MB/MG – Designed as a tripod mounted or bipod supported machine gun for use by. The M, officially the Machine Gun, Caliber mm, M, is the US military designation for .. (×51mm NATO); Maximum effective range: 1, meters with tripod and T&E (the latest FM reads 1, m); Maximum range: 3, meters . MB, MM MACHINE GUN. JANUARY . *This publication supersedes FM , 29 February and FM ,. 26 January.

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Army solicitation for a lighter M medium machine gun in If gas regulator plug has been set to setting 2 or tk to increase firing rate, take corrective action to return to primary setting 1 as soon as possible. As the cartridge case is withdrawn from the chamber, the ejector pushes from the top, and the extractor pulls from the bottom.

FM Chapter 3 MB Machine Gun

Gas regulator may need to be changed to setting 2 for firing blank ammunition. On outside of turret, loosen clamp on extension assembly so that the inside diameter of the extension assembly will clear the outside diameter of the coax mantlet.

He manually returns the cocking handle to its forward position. The front sight is attached to the m240g and can be adjusted for elevation and windage to allow the gunner to zero his weapon. WP Scope L.

Let us know why you don’t like the design or performance. If weapon did not fire and didn’t extract, you have a stuck live round. The chambering ramp angles downward and, along with the spring tension of the cartridge guide pawl, forces the round toward the chamber. The MH has an overall length of In combat situations, the commander has the authority to destroy weapons, but he must report this destruction through channels.


Mounting the MB on the Tripod. When safety is placed to “F” fire, pull trigger sear will lower. Moves in a guide rail fixed to the right side of the receiver.

It is equipped with dual spade grips and thumb-activated trigger systems, and can be quickly converted for dismounted infantry use via an egress components kit that includes a bipod and conventional pistol grip trigger module.

M240 machine gun

Release the bipod retaining latch to its original position, locking the legs into position. Make sure front tabs snap into hole on hole bushing, then push down onto barrel.

Lift rear of heat shield assembly off barrel then pry front tabs out of holes on gas hole bushing. It is j240b in 5-mil increments and numbered every mils to mils left of the center. The Barrett Tmm is a general-purpose machine gun capable of mounting on a bipod, tripod, aircraft, or vehicle.

Disassemble, clean, oil and reassemble as soon as possible. A hot, sunny day can cause a cook-off within 50 rounds, weapon and ammunition in the sun. The MB is carried loaded with the bolt locked to the rear in all tactical situations where noise discipline is critical to the success of the mission. The smaller and lighter variant of the ML is the MP, which is still in a testing phase in Afghanistan. The BFA is secured m240 using the following procedures:.

Inspect the tripping lever and sear for burrs on edges. Place gas regulator plug with gas inlet setting 1 hole facing the barrel. If these are not available, he washes the weapon with soap and water. Archived from the original on m240 February When applying immediate or remedial action on a cold or hot gun, the gunner checks to see if any part of the round ranging from the tip of the bullet to the rim is in the chamber.

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Install the chamber device 2 over the flash suppressor 3. Remove the Barrel Assembly. Rotate legs rearward, depress the bipod latch and engage the bipod leg hooks into the slots of receiver.

This forces the arms down to their fullest extent in front of the locking shoulder. Absorbs recoil of weapon, improving accuracy. Fully seat extension assembly in place over the coax mantlet. When using CLP, do not use other cleaners. The unit armorer performs detailed disassembly. NOTE If gas regulator has to be set to setting 2 or 3 to increase firi ng rate, take corrective action and return weapon to primary setting 1 IfWP I fool Machine Note machine gun firing rate.

The barrel assembly contains a three position gas plug. Pull the cocking handle to m240bb rear to start the rearward movement of the bolt and operating rod assembly inside of the receiver. It is generally performed only when necessary to return the gun to operation after fouling has caused sluggish operation and there is no time to properly clean the weapon.