5 Sep Bruni L. La sindrome 5p-(sindrome del “cri du chat”) In: Vignetti P, Ferrante E, editor. Malattie da aberrazioni cromosomiche. Torino: Edizioni. A number sign (#) is used with this entry because cri-du-chat syndrome is a well- described partial aneusomy resulting from deletion of the short arm of. Monosomy 5p, also known as Cri du chat syndrome, is a rare autosomal deletion syndrome characterized by a mewing cry (cri du chat) in infancy, multiple.

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The material is in no way intended to replace professional medical care by a qualified specialist and should not be used as xindrome basis for diagnosis or treatment. They suggested that a cranial developmental field, originating from the notochordal location, is involved in the manifestations of cri-du-chat syndrome.

Cri-du-chat syndrome was first described by Lejeune et al. Conclusions The case of a year-old female patient was reported in this paper.

However, it should ed noted that not all 5p deletions result in the CdCS phenotype: Open in a separate window. Prenatal diagnosis of minute 5p-deletion: Am J Med Genet. Severe psychomotor retardation becomes evident during the first year of life. One of the most characteristic features in newborns is a high-pitched cat-like cry that is usually considered diagnostic for the syndrome see Overhauser et al.

In doubtful cases, when there is a conflict between the clinical suspicion and an apparently normal karyotype result, FISH analysis should be performed [ 1934567680 – 83 ]. However, it is not sensitive to detect chromosomal rearrangements such as balanced translocations or specify d location This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.


Cri du chat syndrome: Progress in verbal development is particularly slow [ 545 ]. Am J Ment Retard. Diagnosis is based on the distinctive cry and accompanying physical problems.

Cri du chat syndrome

Cryptorchidism, sometimes present at birth, is rare in adolescent patients. The size of the deletion ranges from the entire short arm to the region 5p15 [ 2 ]. J Intellect Disabil Res.

It is higher for cases of balanced familial translocation. It is confirmed through high-resolution G-banding karyotype, fluorescent in situ hybridization or microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization a-CGH.

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Hence, the level of bands reached on chromosome 5 chwt not be optimal for the diagnosis. Livebirths prevalence and follow-up of malformation syndromes hcat 27, newborns.

Orphanet: Sindrome del Cri du chat

Multiplex FISH telomere integrity assay identifies an unbalanced cryptic translocation der 5 t 3;5 q27;p The condition of patients with a deletion in 5p13 appeared particularly severe Fig. Genotype-phenotype correlation studies showed a clinical and cytogenetic variability. The patient was delivered via cesarean section due to post-term pregnancy and acute fetal distress. The G-band karyotype reported is 46, XX. Both parents signed an informed consent to take photographs and use the medical history data.

Moreover, an interstitial and apparently unbalanced deletion in 5p14, detected by prenatal diagnosis indicated for advanced maternal age and traced through six individuals in three generations, resulted in a completely normal phenotype [ 71 ].

Acta Neurol Napoli ; Inverted duplication with terminal deletion of 5p and no cat-like cry. Vianello GenovaP. Molecular and phenotypic mapping of the short arm of chromosome 5: Disease definition Monosomy 5p, also known as Cri du chat syndrome, is a rare autosomal deletion syndrome characterized by a mewing cry cri du chat in infancy, multiple congenital anomalies, intellectual disability, microcephaly, and facial dysmorphism.

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Sindrpme NapoliM. Health care resources for this disease Expert centres Diagnostic tests Patient organisations 32 Orphan drug s 0. McGraw Hill Libri Italia; Malattie da aberrazioni cromosomiche. No relationship between the size of the deletion and the level of developmental delay in cri-du-chat syndrome.

Clinical and molecular characterisation of 80 patients with 5p deletion: A genotype-phenotype ud study has been carried out in 80 patients from the Ru CdCS Registry. Vertical lines in p Recent techniques, such as array CGH and quantitative PCR, mainly used for research purposes, allow a more precise definition of breakpoints and microrearrangements [ 77 – 79 ].

Prenatal diagnosis by cytogenetic and molecular cytogenetic analyses has been reported in some cases with previous CdCS child, in which the syndrome resulted from a familial balanced translocation [ 84 sinfrome 88 ].

The deletions can vary in size from extremely small and involving only band 5p There is a high probability that deletion of multiple genes is responsible for the phenotype as well as evidence that deletion of the telomerase reverse transcriptase gene TERT; is specifically involved in the phenotypic changes of cri-du-chat syndrome.

CdCS children have mostly a gentle and affectionate personality.

Cri du Chat syndrome

Abstract The cri-du-chat syndrome is caused by a deletion on the short arm of chromosome number 5. Retrieved 25 August Tarantino PisaR. A high-resolution physical and transcript map of sinrrome Cri du Chat region of human chromosome 5p.