12 Oct Hello Friends, Any idea when solution Manager training materials (SM, SM) and trainings will be available?Thanks and Regards,Abhijeet Rathi. Goals. Describe the various elements of Service Desk and Change Request Management as part of SAP Solution Manager; Configure the SAP standard. SM Version – SAP Solution Manager Service Desk 2 – days; SM Version – SAP Solution Manager Change Request Management 3-days .

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With this post, I hope to make it easier for you to use Mail Forms. Here is the resulting email in Outlook. The hard thing about analyzing this file is that it generates a lot of data depending on how long the Enterprise Manager has been sm00 and running. A workaround so far had been to adapt some of the standard transaction to allow requirement management using some specific statuses.

Objects will be in the TOL only if used, with only one occurrence, and structured according to the application component hierarchy. We define this in implementation, store in SolMando our project, and in Live phase we can analyse and continuously check how well our KPI are met by the system users.

It’s not as difficult as it looks. Since two Text Sn200 now exist, you need to add solutio to determine with each will be used. Do you have a Solution Manager story to tell?


Now we are able to see session created. Maintain Attribute Contents for Mail Forms 3.

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The system will ask you a Certificate Backup Password. These deviations are caused by: Or, even more so, with the introduction, with noteof the Blueprint Generator used by SEA as a separate functionality.

Select the new Attribute and assign the new structure selecting All Fields…. Assign the filter value to the name of the Attribute created in Step mamager.

Are you the publisher? Select the field and insert. The second part of this tutorial, will show you how to install the certificate in the mobile device, in this case, I will install the certificate in my iphone.

They get introduced to make logical components management easier and avoid redundancy of documentation. Creating manzger fields to appear in the mail form 2.

SCN : Blog List – SAP Solution Manager

For that reason, I will not go into detail. Select the Attribute Context that will be used to determine the condition. BPA will collect application specific data and stores in info cubes of SolMan for analysis. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

When to implement BPA? The top table provides an overview of all the selected metrics. We could see this coming. Entry point to the configuration from Technical monitoring workcenter. Log in to Solution manager system.

Interface monitoring is already checking for failures so again why i need one more level of check? On lead selection, the thresholds provided for each metric and the alert texts for selected monitored objects is available.

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Requirement – In technical monitoring workcenter, we can see a lot of alerts stating same message like “Oracle Data not Available” or ABAP system not available” for all the configured or monitored systems. We plan to include more checks in the future as the tool develops further, but right now our focus is to deliver the tool with the most important checks and ensure it is working stable.

SAP Solution Manager

And apparently, this is done automatically. Fields are now display only when in status ‘To Be Approved; In this version we’ve added 5 main checks to be performed over the perflog file, which are the following: Being general, here is some high level logic.

Then, to add manaver custom fields, update the the Attribute Context to the new custom attibute that was added in Step All the steps in the guided majager are very straight forward. Also, if you miss an end indicator, for example, the tool will try to fix the html automatically.

Click on “Check in Guided procedure”.