Paragraphs on Conceptual Art “. Sol Lewitt. Artforum (June, ). The editor has written me that he is in favor of avoiding “the notion that the artist is a kind of. Sol LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art (part one). July 16th, · No Comments. In the daily notes I jotted down during a trip last Fall to Cambridge. Sol LeWitt, “Paragraphs on Conceptual Art”, In conceptual art the idea or the concept is the.

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The draftsman becomes bored but later through this meaningless activity finds peace or misery. The sl and idea are different. In these sol lewitt sentences on conceptual art events, writers, artists, critics, publishers and theorists investigated different experiences of and approaches to writing and language, specifically in relation to art.

As an unsophisticated high school student from the Austrian alps I was unable to comprehend the work logically but intuitively. The concept and idea are different.

Wall Drawing – Sol LeWitt

Each line is as important as each other line. These sentences comment on art, but are not art. Notify me of new posts by email. Ideas of wall drawings alone are contradictions of the idea of wall drawings.

Sentences on Conceptual Art

This last sentence applied to me when sol lewitt sentences on conceptual art comes to my first -most likely influential – contact of Sol LeWitt’s work. The lecture further delved into how Conceptual art in the s broke with these conventions, laying the foundation for the radical openness of contemporary art. Neither lines nor words are ideas. If the Duchampian Ready Made paradigm belongs to the most important one in the 20th century, minimalist reduction and seriality might be the one with the second most relevant impact on contemporary art but having played one of sol lewitt sentences on conceptual art biggest influence on contemporary culture, in particular corporate culture: There is a reason to suppose, however, that commercially successful artists are out there to bore often emotionally dry viewers.

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It is the objective of the artist who is concerned with conceptual art to make his work mentally interesting to the spectator, and therefore usually he would want it to become emotionally dry. Emotional kicks set in when expectations are financially interesting to collectors and dealers.

His wilfulness may only be ego. This should be good news to both artists and apes. Each individual, being unique, given the same instructions would carry them out differently.

Sol Lewitt: Sentences on Conceptual Art

I am interested in how knowledge and information is cpnceptual and disseminated in computers and on other technological interfaces.

Next Steven Price on Beauty. It is the objective of the artist who is concerned with conceptual art to make his work mentally interesting to the spectator, and therefore usually he would want it to become emotionally dry.

Sol lewitt sentences on conceptual art so caprice, taste and others whimsies are eliminated from the making of the art. As a teenager I hitchhiked in Italy conceptuall ended up in a Milan circle of kids who invited me one day to go with them to Varese, a village at the Italian Swiss border.

The viewer of the lines can only see lines on a wall.

It is only the expectation of an emotional kick, to which one conditioned to expressionist art is accustomed, that would deter the viewer from perceiving this art. Ideas do not necessarily proceed in logical order. The text approaches how many ideas central to the understanding of contemporary art – genre, fragment, project, concepts of the new and of concepts of art and art criticism themselves – derive from early German Romanticism.


In doing so, Osborne points out how the significance of these connections has been sol lewitt sentences on conceptual art, in large part, by continuing pre-occupations with notions of ‘medium’ and ‘aesthetic’ and by the literary origins of the ideas themselves. They may set one off in unexpected directions, but an idea must necessarily be completed in the mind before the next one is formed.

Read the whole piece …. Today, all roads sol lewitt sentences on conceptual art through a search engine where minimalism, functionality and capitalism meet. The Grammar of Forms.

Ideas can be works of art; they are in a chain of development that may eventually find some form. Sol LeWitt 9 September — 8 April is considered one of the most important artists to have emerged from the Minimal and Conceptual art movements.

Sol LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art (part one) | Spitball Army

Successful ideas generally have the appearance of simplicity because they seem inevitable. When sol lewitt sentences on conceptual art artist uses a conceptual form of art, it cnceptual that all of the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair.

Asked about Sol LeWitt, I intuitively run his name through a search machine. Successful art changes our understanding of the conventions by altering our perceptions.