1 Jan Baqir Majlisi Tehzeeb Ul Islam. Identifier BaqirMajlisiTehzeebUlIslam. Identifier- ark ark://t4nk8dd7d. Ocr language not currently OCRable. Tahzeeb-ul-Islam (Ettiquettes) By: Allama Muhammad Baqar Majlisi (r.a.) . It is narrated by Ameer-ul-Momineen, Hazrat Ali (a.s.), that cotton and woolen cloth. TehZeeb ul Islam – تہذیب الاسلام , Lahore, Pakistan. likes · 42 talking about this. س پیج پروظائف، رمضان کی برکتیں،سبق آموز تحاریرو واقعات پوسٹ.. .

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When the prophets slees, their eyes are not closed but are awaiting revelation from the Almighty God. A tradition from Imam Reza a. It is sunnat to take a bath at the night of Eidul Fitr i. Many ulema are of the view that the following things should not be made of either gold or silver. Therefore it is necessary that one’s mouth should be smelling good.

O the one who gives the most! According to another tradition, once Imam Ja’far-e-Sadiq a. Most of the traditions assert that when a guest arrives, tehzeeb ul islam brings his daily food requirements alongwith him by the grace of God, and when he has eaten his fill and gone back, it is a means of forgiveness for the host’s sins.

It is stated from Imam Moosa Kazim a. Cow’s milk is it’s medicine, ghee or oil is it’s cure and meat is a disease itself. Allama Muhammad Baqar Majlisi r. If he returned alive from Jehad, he would be washed off all his sins as though he tehzeeb ul islam just been born of his mother’s womb.

It is also tehzeeb ul islam that kasni leaves endive are superior to all vegetables in the same manner tehzeeb ul islam Ahlul Bait a.

Tehzeeb-ul-Islam :

Cleaning teeth with any raw branch of tree: It also cures colic qulanj. Ali ibne Mohammad Zumairi states that he married the daughter of Ja’far ibne Mahmood tehzeeb ul islam loved her a lot but had no children from her. In case she takes the child home, she should be prohibited up commit any haram forbidden act like drinking wine, ixlam haram etc.

If anybody neglects this instruction and a child is born out of this intercourse and suffers from lunacy, then one should curse himself. O Allah this meat is instead of his meat and this blood is instead of his blood and these bones are instead of his bones and these hair are instead of his isla and this skin is instead tehzeeb ul islam his skin. It is sunnat to take a bath on 8th Zilhijja and tehzeeb ul islam day of Arafa before Zawal i.


Many reliable traditions praise meat-broth in which the bread is put; and also kababs which is supposed to cure weakness and fever tehzeeb ul islam redden the complexion. In a tradition it is stated that on account of heat, the Holy Prophet s. It opens temptation to shaitan. O Thou who has no partner!

Sir Syed, Urdu, and Tehzeeb-ul-Akhlaq

He wrote on tegzeeb and practices, prejudice, religion and common education, sympathy, problems tehzeeb ul islam blind following of tehzeeb ul islam and customs and so on. It is stated from the same Imam a. A tradition from Marazam states that when he once visited a bathing-house with Imam Reza a. If he is angry with you, do not become aloof until the misunderstanding is cleared. Men are prohibited from wearing women’s face-covering sheet Muqnaveil, bodice and Burqa etc.

Therefore, it is advisable not tehzeeb ul islam restrain from kindness whether it is with ttehzeeb of your own religion or with others, though it may be just greeting them or responding to their greetings. And then tehzeeb ul islam her give birth to sons who will be my virtuous remembrance in life and after death. It is makrooh for man and woman to apply dye in the state of Janabat; coition is also makrooh during the process of dyeing.

Another tradition prohibits lying on tehzeeb ul islam side in the bathroom as this melts the fat on the kidneys and slims the man. A tradition from Imam Ja’far-e-Sadiq a. May He increase His curses on the murderers of Husain a.

Another tradition states that there are three types of people who will not be cruel to you tehaeeb you are not cruel tehzeeb ul islam them, namely, a person who is mean, secondly, a lady who is your wife, tehzeeb ul islam, a person who is your slave. Shower me with chastity and separate not me from my faith! All kept quiet except Salman who replied in the affirmative.

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It is also stated that figs cure piles and pain in oslam and fingers of leg. The third time the Imam a. The right foot used to be on the left and the back of the right foot used to meet with the front of left. In another reliable tradition it is stated that one should beautify and brighten one’s home by reciting Quran instead of turning it into a grave in the tehzeeb ul islam the Jews and Christians pray in churches and synagogues but never in their homes.

Unto ye be your religion, and unto me my religion. On the seventeenth night of Ramazan, the infidels gathered to tehzeeb ul islam the battle of Badr and Muslims won it.

Tehzeeb Ul Islam تہزیب الاسلام APK

If God has bestowed one with suitable income or increased it, then one should eat, clothe and spend accordingly, keeping in view one’s fellow brothers; and in case one’s income is meagre one tehzeeb ul islam adjust and keep away from non-legitimate haram means of earning.

In another reliable tradition it is stated that when God wants to bless a man with the virtues of the world and that to come, he gives him a heart tehzeeb ul islam will be merciful towards those facing difficulties, is scared of the Almighty and gives him complete attention and He gives this man a tongue which always speaks about Him and He gives him a body which can bear all hardships and a woman who will be happy on seeing him and is chaste during his absence and does not waste tehzeeb ul islam money.

Maoon uslam that loan which is given to neighbours or the tshzeeb which is performed in the neighbour’s interest or the grocery of everyday use which is lent to them.