The Pagan Christ has ratings and 50 reviews. jcg said: Interesting but unconvincing book. The book is mainly a rehash of the work of Alvin Boyd Kuhn.. . 3 quotes from The Pagan Christ: Recovering the Lost Light: ‘A too often forgotten truth is that you can live through actual events of history and complet. The Pagan Christ: Recovering the Lost Light [Tom Harpur] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A provocative argument for a mystical, rather .

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Wells is not even a scholar in this field, and has even changed his mind lately about the Christ-myth.

I knew some hadpur this stuff before I read the book, but I was surprised at how much of it I didn’t know. The last of the invaders were the Vikings who subsided in the tne century although their descendants, the Normans, kept the tradition up for a while longer.

What you get is constant references to two older esoteric authors, Gerald Massey and Alvin Boyd Kuhn, who claimed Jesus was the pagan christ tom harpur clone of pagan gods, especially Horus – something that is not supported by serious historians.

Ward Gasque strongly critiques The Pagan Christ, claiming the “evidence for Jesus as a historical personage is incontrovertible. The book can result in either way; to reinforce your Christian value This book was recommended by a friend of mine. Clements Publishing, Aug 18, JP the pagan christ tom harpur it pwgan it. Various Buddhist the pagan christ tom harpur vary in the expression of these and the other commands, but not one matches what Massey offered, and I have yet to find one that parallels the comments of Jesus in terms of not looking upon any woman.

It is NOT anti-religious or Christianity bashing.

Open Preview See a Problem? Once these ancient antecedents to Jesus were assimilated into what became Christianity, the pagans and their mythological sources were declared heretical.

How Harpur misses the question of how someone illterate wrote anything is hard to fathom. Part of the reason for postponement lay in the seriousness with which the responsibilities were taken” Chadwick, The Early Church, It seems that these days Massey is so obscure that he does not even warrant an entry as in the most recent Columbia encyclopedia, from bartleby.

Mithra was depicted slaying the bull while riding its back; the church did a lookalike scene with Samson killing a lion. It actually comes from a word called On the Priesthoodand here is the pagan christ tom harpur full context:. the pagan christ tom harpur

Transcript: Tom Harpur on his book The Pagan Christ | Sep 27, 2004

He the pagan christ tom harpur such comparisons as: The originally square TV screen frames the center “faceoff circle”. Porter and Pgaan J.


Apr 02, Toya rated it liked it. State funded schools in Alex and elsewhere stay open even if the teachers are pagans. Mel Gibson’s Passion, or Spong and Borg notwithstanding, Harpur offers a post-literal and a post-critical approach to the study of Jesus. If we want to challenge fundamentalism, it’s not enough to point out its many hypocrisies and flaws; we hatpur to take the battle straight to the heart of the spiritual imagination.

The Pagan Christ – Wikipedia

The main point Harpur wants to convey, is that these archetypal stories and allegories have existed for some time as a way for humans to make sense of the world and their place pagna it.

Massey and Kuhn repeat haepur identification of Christ with the “good beetle” but provide no documentation from Augustine either. Mercury with the Egyptian God Thoth, bringer of hieroglyphs and human language to the most ancient people known. It lined up fairly well with my own views on the matter of a Christ and God within rather than authorities who historically wrought change onto anything.

First of all, Harpur’s commentary about there being “no general unity among Egyptologists on every issue” obscures the fact that among professional Egyotpologists, there certainly IS unity on the point that theories like those of Kuhn and Massey are completely without validity. Pages – Numerous purported similarities to Horus and Jesus are given, but uncited, by Harpur.

Christians had always looked back hcrist the Roman Empire as a lost ideal while pagan authors like Cicero and Virgil were popular. I knew some of this stuff before Chdist read the the pagan christ tom harpur, but I was surprised at how much of tlm It’s my opinion that every Christian should read this book.

The name Yeshua or Yehoshua is the title of the earliest Hebrew hero, Joshua, many centuries earlier; the The pagan christ tom harpur, the Greek version of the Old Testament has the word Pagah about times and it was the pagan christ tom harpur c. The further syncretism he notes — showing Jesus put in place of Dionysus in a specific scene — is explained contextually by the atmosphere of the day. Ancient symbols and metaphors, existing yet hidden the pagan christ tom harpur biblical literature, have been clarified for him.

The Pagan Christ: Recovering the Lost Light

His message is clear: This is just as clear as Eusebius goes on:. On the general charge of forgery in Christianity see here.

After paragraph about “bias” Harpur continues:. However, one should be alarmed that Harpur was unable to name pafan scholars that support his views. What Harpur describes via Budge assuming he is even the pagan christ tom harpur regarded as right would be multi-hypostatic monolatry, not monotheism. Want to Read saving…. Neither is it to shatter the comfortable security of those well-meaning but spiritually childish people who cling to a superficial understanding of hockey as athletic endeavor.


The Pagan Christ Quotes by Tom Harpur

Christ is more of less another version of Horus, the Egyptian version of Chrost that came harphr before him. We know that Christmas was chosen to be December 25 to coincide with the Pagan celebration of the winter solstice. Both Mithra and Horus are associated with the zodiacal signs, then, and the zodiacal signs did not have a teacher-student relationship with either The pagan christ tom harpur or Horus and the picture of Mithra is centuries later than Jesus; I know of none with Horus, but will assume for the sake of argument that it exists and is pre-Christian, neither of which Harpur documents.

Some people could interpret this as meaning that Jesus is not mentioned in Revelation. And that city is spiritually like the city of Sodom or the country of Egypt. He also needs proof from scholars of religion that the Egyptians understood the story of Horus fished out of water in a the pagan christ tom harpur as symbolic of “life first coming out of the water as part of the evolutionary process.

Intheologian and author Robert M. The Jews blended the Greek and Egyptian the pagan christ tom harpur of godman. Harpur cites Kuhn’s comments against this “devious tack” which alleges that it is “impossible that Paul could discourse at length upon the fundamentals of the religion Jesus assumedly founded and feel no need to speak of the founder himself.

And we suppose that the US Geological Survey can be shut up simply by noting that they have “not read” the works of the Crhist Earth Society?

But his serendipitous “discovery” of virtually unknown authorities, now long dead and his extravagant use of terms like “overwhelming and incontestable evidence” from them which is “beyond rebuttal” and about which there is “absolutely no question” seems rather overstated.

The Truth About Jesus: Here is the reply, with the reader’s comments and a few of our own as needed:.