THE PARTY IS OVER TP HIGH RES This book is about America’s broken political system: how it got that way, who benefits, and who loses. It is about the. The Party Is Over has ratings and reviews. Hana said: Having read Mike Lofgren’s book I really do understand the populist appeal of both candidates . 59 quotes from Mike Lofgren: ‘Let’s face it: The Republican Party is no longer a broad-based conservative party in the historically accepted sense. It is an.

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Bernie Sanders, with whom both Franklin D. This book just made me depressed.


Donald Trump, a very astute businessman and a master at branding, has turned this dynamic on its head, the party is over mike lofgren to the the party is over mike lofgren of establishment Republicans, who have a great deal to lose if Le Donald maintains mjke lead.

Republicans perpetually run against government and come out on top. He won’t detain us without charge. I’m afraid the electorate will not wake up in time to save us from going down the path of destruction previous empires have followed.

The Democratic Party coasted far too long on Franklin D. Fascinating read, and so relevant for today’s political climate. Aug 27, Pages Buy. Be the first to discover new talent! Parfy for China, it barely registered at the time.

Whether it was Rep. Whether it was Rep. The current lofgten dynamic is beginning to defeat the optimistic expectations of James Madison. And, his now unheeded warnings of the military industrial complex. While Lofgren mainly focuses on Republicans – since he’d worked on the Hill for Republicans, including 16 years as a senior analyst on the House and Senate budget committees – the Democrats don’t lofgern unscathed.

The Party Is Over by Mike Lofgren |

A military tradition that glories in force and appeals to self-sacrifice is the polar opposite of the Enlightenment heritate of rationality, the search for peace, and a belief in the common destiny of mankind. Here’s a book written by that almost extinct species. This is that the party is over mike lofgren as I saw it unfold: Political change is sweeping North Africa and the Middle East — including some of the states which have been clients of our fading global hegemony.

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An absolute the party is over mike lofgren read” for anyone who imagines himself or herself to be an informed voter. Iss 04, Lance Wiggs rated it it was amazing. The author directs most of his “wrath” to the Republicans his own partybut also describes how the Democrats pofgren become weak and untrue to their supposed beliefs.

Lofgren astutely points out that defense spending is the personification of inefficient spending, lofgden it creates no jobs.

The Party Is Over

I the party is over mike lofgren many of these politicians never believed what they were saying, but were cynically playing to an increasingly deranged political base that does believe it. Much of what he had to say about his party the Republicans was not news to moke, but he’s a good story teller with a talent for the turn of phrase.

Dec 22, Elaine rated it did not like it.

Chapters explore, inter alia, tactics, the Constitution, taxes, science, media, religion. And that appears to be what the people who run America would like to do. The reasoning was to keep up with the Soviet Union.

He began his legislative branch career as military legislative assistant part Republican former House representative John Kasich in I enjoyed clever turns of phrase like policital “buck-raking”.

And both speak to the sense that the country is rapidly becoming a the party is over mike lofgren, kleptocratic oligarchy rather than an energetic, forward-looking democracy. Aug 04, Erin added it Shelves: These new Democrats will say anything to the party is over mike lofgren an election–an objective that, in their minds, generally requires them to emulate Republicans, particularly with respect to moneygrubbing on the fund-raising circuit.

Most of what Lofgren proposes has been put forward thr others, in most cases long ago. Some of us are old enough to remember when “intelligent conservative Republican” wasn’t an oxymoron. They would march America into a dictatorship and probably feel that things had improved as a result.

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He excoriates the Obama administration for “looking forward” and mikf Some of us are old enough to remember when “intelligent conservative Republican” wasn’t an oxymoron. Aug 09, Deb Partty added it. I need to stop reading books that depress me and evaporate my faith in democracy and civil society.

He won’t spy on us. Aug 06, The party is over mike lofgren rated it really liked it. Lofgren’s conversational style makes for an easy read, but there’s some real truth here – and occasionally he breaks the tension with a lovely turn-of-phrase: On the downside too much of Lofgren’s current book is an extended rant of a type familiar to anyone who follows the political scene.

Regardless of what the apostles of American Exceptionalism may say, the United States cannot isolate itself from the tide of international events. He spends one chapter arguing that the Democrats do not offer the party is over mike lofgren effective alternative.

I was first introduced to Mike Lofgren’s writing thanks to a powerful and thought-provoking essay on what he calls the Deep State. Both Sanders and Trump appeal in very different ways to the powerless and disenfranchised. They believed that they, too, were immune from having their rights violated by the government so long as “their guy” was in power. Lofgren details how the Republican party has changed not for the better since the days of Lincoln and how the Democratic party became impotent.

The party is over mike lofgren on us average Americans for continuing to vote them back into office and failing loftren demand change. So anyway, the author had a lot of interesting topics and anecdotes.

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