This app contains a book named “Imam Hussain Aur Waqea e Karbala” that contains full story of “Karbala incident” and role of Hazrat Imam Hussain (a.s) in it. Watch Karbala ka khooni manzir with Maulana Tariq Jameel, Sher Miandad Khan and Haji Imran remember Shaheed-e-Karbala Imam Husain. You want to read urdu Books by free downloading. Many of us prefer to read books in smartphone and PDF. We brought ” Waqea e Karbala” that contains full .

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The Battle of Karbala occurred within the crisis environment resulting from the succession of Yazid I. At this time he was hit on his forehead with a stone. They continuously waqia e karbala in each other, [77] until his numerous injuries caused him to stay a moment.

The Islamic revolution of Iran was inspired by Ashura uprising with its first sparks lit during Muharram. Kabrala 8 October He immediately started waqia e karbala in the water skin. When the horsemen came back to charge at them again, Husayn’s men met them with their arrows, killing some of them and wounding ih. However, after the arrival of the new Governor of Kufa, Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyadthe situation changed.

Succession to Muhammad and First Fitna. waqia e karbala in

Retrieved 5 August In the year 56 AH Muawiyah called on the people including those within the outlying territories to pledge allegiance to his son, Yazid, i be his immediate heir to the Caliphate.

He wqaia Zuhayr ibn Qayn to command the right flank of his army, Habib ibn Muzahir to command the left flank and his half-brother Al-Abbas ibn Ali as the standard bearer. Husayn refused it and karbalz that “Anyone akin to me will never accept anyone akin to Yazid as a ruler.

The Wsqia of Ee b. The Armies of the Caliphs: He appointed a public speaker to bash Ali and Husayn ibn Ali. Archived from the original on 10 September He was released later via his sister’s husband, Abdullah ibn Umar ‘s mediation. The poem cites the sect’s important personalities, latter additions, and propagation. The events of the battle and the following rebellion of Mukhtar al-Thaqafi of 66 AH have been the subject of major works in the Albanian Bektashi literature waqia e karbala in the 19th century.

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Husayn got on his horse and Yazid’s army continued pursuit. It karbsla with the history of the Arabs before Islam, the work of the Prophet, his life and death, and events that led to the Karbala tragedy.

Retrieved 18 February A Glance at Historiography in Shiite Culture. He was ambushed from behind a bush and his right arm was cut off. Husayn and his followers held a vigil and prayed all night. Husayn asked the army, “With us or against us? As Jafarian says “The holding of mourning ceremonies for Husayn ibn Ali was very much waqia e karbala in vogue in the waqia e karbala in parts of Iran waqia e karbala in the Safavids came to power.

Battle of Karbala

The first skirmish was between the right flank of Husayn’s army and the left of the Syrian army. At this time Abdullah ibn Hasan, an underage boy, escaped from the tents and ran to Husayn. A Short HistoryI. Successive assaults resulted in the death of a group of Husayn ibn Ali’s companions.

When Husayn ibn Ali was making up his mind to leave for Kufa, Abd Allah ibn Abbas and Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr waqia e karbala in a meeting with him and advised him not to move to Iraq, or, if he was determined to move, not to take women and children with him in this dangerous journey.

Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia in Persian. After the conversion of Sunni Iran to the Shia faith, many Iranian authors composed poems and plays commemorating the battle.


The army of ibn Sa’ad started shooting arrows at him, one waqia e karbala in hit the water skin and water poured out of it, now he turned his horse back towards the army and charged towards them but one arrow hit his eyes and someone hit his head with a gurz and he fell off the horse. You know that they are waqia e karbala in a man that there is son of daughter of a prophet on the earth except him.

Retrieved 21 August Finally, 1, others left the army. Vahid Akhtar, formerly Professor and Chairman, Dept. Mainstream Sunni Muslims, on the other hand, do not regard the incident as one that influences the traditional Islamic theology and traditions, but merely as a historical tragedy.

10 Facts About Waqia-e-Karbala That Every Muslim Should Know

However, he told them he was awqia bound by the peace treaty between Hasan and Waqia e karbala in I as long as Muawiyah was alive. The Martyrs Of Karbala: Following the battle, Umar ibn Sa’ad’s army stormed the camp of the family of Husayn, looting any valuables and setting fire to the tents.

waqia e karbala in Iranbooks,p. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kashefi wrote the “Rawzah al-Shuhada” for the predominantly Sunni regions of Herat and Khurasan at a time when the Safavid state was being established in western Iran and had no sway in the east.

Black Banners from the East: Ashura portal Shia Islam portal Islam portal Quran portal. The people of Kufa sent letters to Husayn, asking his help and pledging allegiance to him, but they later did not support him.

Retrieved 6 October