14 Mar In this section we will run through important WPF interview questions asked interviews. I know the list is not complete but wanted to. Net Interview Questions And Answers, C Sharp Interview Questions, New Interview Questions And Answers, C# Asp Net Wcf Wpf Interview Questions, Net . Sign in to vote. 0. Sign in to vote ยท WCF/WPF- Windows Presentation and Windows Communication Interview Questions and Answer FAQ’s.

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The message is encrypted using questons certificate and can now safely travel over any port using plain http. Basically after making a client request the WCF service will create a service class instance at the service that will do the operations involved and then it will return the response back to wcf and wpf interview questions and answers client. The quewtions basic difference is that StaticResource evaluates the resource one time only, but DynamicResource evaluates it every time the resource is required.

In other words, a service that is directly consumed by the end user to do their work and is something they ask for and recognize Or It’s just self-contained business functionality.

WCF concurrency helps us configure how WCF service instances can serve multiple requests at the same time. The properties of the class represent UI text boxes, combo boxes and the methods of the class represent action.

What are resources in WPF? (C# WPF Interview questions with answers)

This allows the connections to be reused. Endpoints provide clients access to the functionality offered by a WCF service.

This will, however, make the ListBox lose the virtualization property. By default when we throw an exception from a service, it will not reach the client. How are individual units combined in wcf and wpf interview questions and answers a single unit? The client proxy sends the request to the server, it process the request and takes another request. Below is a detailed comparison table wcv both the entities from security, compatibility, reliability, and SOAP version perspectives.

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What is view state?

So the nearest element becomes the first level and quesgions on. This can be done programmatically as follows: Compile the service code. Content etc which helps you to build up your application. What is Ahd in WCF? For this reason, Layout panels are necessary. Bharath K A May This data can then be easily consumed and transformed into JavaScript objects. WCF support the following transport schemes. The InotifyPropertyChanged notifies clients, generally inrerview who are binding, if the value of a property gets changed.

But many times rather than defining binding between two elements we would like to define binding with reference to the current element i.

Any information intended to be exchanged when the message reaches the intended destination goes in the message body. What is the global assembly cache GAC? Phases of WCF Transaction: When should you use per call, per session, and single mode? None of this is possible without wcf and wpf interview questions and answers the language sharing the same data types.

MessageContract must be used an or none. Wcf and wpf interview questions and answers depends on the binding being used that how WCF makes it secure because most of the bindings have built-in security. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article.

WPF commands invoked methods of view model internally.


WPF Interview questions with answers

Can the validation be done in the server side? SOA Service Oriented Architectural is a collection of services that determines how two computing entities will communicate with wcf and wpf interview questions and answers other to achieve certain business functionality cwf also how one entity can work on behalf of another entity.

These anssers are called XBAP. It may have service-level settings, such as the name of the service and namespace for the service. Is below info correct in your article?

There are five ways of doing alignment in WPF: Introduction to WCF Question 2: UDDI describes where we can get the web service. Message Exchange Patterns describes the way of communication between Client and Inteview means how client and server would be exchange messages to each other. MVVM has an extra layer as compared to 3 layer architecture. MVC Interview questions- http: Instance Modes available in WCF are:.

There are following characteristics of binding: Method Overloading is wcf and wpf interview questions and answers feature that allows creation of multiple methods with the same name but each method should differ from another in interbiew context of input and output of the function. No Security provided for the messages.

A dashboard application that polls one or more services for data and presents it in a logical presentation.